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choosing a tennis bag

Choosing a Tennis Bag

Bag Sizes

Wilson Tennis Bag
3 pack (also called Pro bag)
6 pack(also called Combi bag)
12 pack (also called Supersix/SuperCombi)
*Bags w/ Thermal Guard

As you probably already know, having a tennis bag for all of your tennis gear (Towels, Shoes, Grips, Balls, snacks, and drinks etc) can be extremely helpful. Whether you’re an occasional player with only a couple of frames or a super champ who has numerous frames, you’re sure to find a bag at Tennis Express. Below is a guide to finding the right type of tennis bag for you. After you’ve decided what size works for you, check out our Bags selection to find a specific one.

3 packs
If you’re an occasional tennis player who stops by the neighborhood courts a few times a month or maybe just a beginner who is just getting a feel for the game, then it’s likely that you own one or two tennis racquets. If that’s the case, then perhaps a triple or 3-pack (pro) bag would be sufficient enough for you. In a 3-pack, you have one compartment (approx. 3 inches wide) for your 1 or 2 racquets and maybe a few other necessities like a couple of snacks/drinks or strictly just three racquets. You’ll also most likely find a smaller zipper compartment used for keys, wallets and so forth. To view some popular triple bags, check out our 3-pack bags page.

Another alternative might be a racquet backpack. Instead of the traditional tennis bag that hangs from one shoulder, most manufacturers make a backpack that is big enough to hold 2 racquets, along with a couple other compartments for your other tennis needs. View our Backpacks Page to see some popular backpacks.

6 packs
For the bit more serious player who likes to carry a few racquets as backups per chance their strings break there is a step up from the triple. Tennis players who carry a couple backup tennis racquets will probably find a 6-pack (also known as Combi bags) to be most convenient. In a 6-pack you will have one compartment (approx. 3 inches wide) to hold 2-3 racquets then an adjacent compartment (approx. 3 inches wide) for an extra pair of shoes, change of clothes, snacks, and a few other items or stictly another three racquets. View our 6-pack bags page to view some of our popular tennis bags.

12 Packs
Finally, for the most committed players who are more than likely to pop strings on several of their racquets during the course of a couple of weeks and consequently need to carry 3+ racquets with them, the 12-pack (also known as a supersix or supercombi bags) will be the way to go. With one compartment (approx 3-4 inches wide) usually big enough to hold 3-4 tennis racquets and another two compartments just as big for everything else or simply 6-8 more tennis racquets, a 12-pack is the biggest tennis racquet bag manufacturers make. In addition to all the extra space, many 12 packs carry extra perks like backpack straps and separate pockets for your wallets, iPod, and keys, making it great for traveling to tournaments. If you think a 12-pack is what you need then check out our 12-pack page for some of the more popular styles.

*In addition to various sizes, many tennis bags also come with other features like moisture protective sacks and Thermal Guard Technology. Moisture protective sacks are you used to hold wet clothes and bags after a hard match and keep all of your other gear dry. Thermal Guard technology uses an insulating lining on the inside of the tennis bag to protect your frame and strings from extremely weather and moisture that can be detrimental to the racquet. To keep your racquets in optimal condition, view our Thermal Guard Bags Page to find a bag with these added features.


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