Could This Racquet Accessory Change Your Game?


pojie tennis

By Matt Locke

The saying “it’s the little things in life,” is something that can very easily be applied to tennis. Tennis is a game of small adjustments and tweaks. Players today are looking for anything that can enhance their game. Knowing this, String Advantage has created the Pojie Performance Extension. These high density polyurethane compression cores are installed during racquet stringing and are designed to increase string deflection (more dwell time) for more power and spin, increase control and attenuate peak force from impact for improved comfort. I have spent several hours on court with the Pojies installed so let’s take a look at the key areas they are designed to improve:

Power and Spin – When hitting with the Pojies installed, there is a noticeable increase in spin. You probably aren’t all of a sudden going to be hitting Nadal-style forehands and kicking balls over your opponents’ heads, but it is there. In my play time, it was evident through the depth on my shots. I was able to hit a bit deeper than before and keep my opponents pinned to the back of the court. The Pojies do seem to allow for a bit more movement from the main strings, which means my polyester strings had a bit more “snap back” to them. I didn’t notice any additional velocity on the ball so a bump in power may depend on the type of strings being used in conjunction with the system.

Pojie Tennis
pojie tennis

Feel and Control – This area was a bit of a mixed bag for me. There is definitely an increase in overall string deflection so the amount of dwell time the ball has on the racquet is increased. This allowed me to maintain control and move the ball around the court. I enjoyed the ability to “hold” on to the ball for a bit longer and redirect it up the line during play. The feel was a bit of a struggle for me. My racquet of choice is quite muted and flexible to begin with. With the Pojies added, it became a touch too muted and I had a bit of trouble feeling drop shots and angle volleys. I believe it will be a non-issue when the system is installed on a stiffer racquet. A stiffer frame would benefit from the increased string deflection, yielding a softer string bed with better control and more feel.

Comfort – Here is where the Pojie system absolutely has the potential to improve any racquet. My racquets are comfortable from the get go, with a low stiffness and silicone in the handle. Installing the Pojies still provided an additional bump in comfort. They act as shock absorbers for your racquet. The compression cores do an impressive job of absorbing impact. I had less fatigue in my wrists and shoulders over long periods of play than I typically do. These are a great way to help minimize the impact of stiffer material strings like polyester and make them more comfortable to play with. Softer string setups would most likely play even smoother.

Wilson Pojie

The Pojie Performance Extension from String Advantage is a unique product capable of adding multiple benefits to a player’s racquet. They are a great option for improving the play and comfort characteristics of a frame instead of having to go through a complete switch in racquets. Players who play stiffer, modern frames would find improved feel and control as well as more spin and comfort by installing the Pojie system. They are also a cost effective improvement as they can be used for a few string jobs (String Advantage recommends replacement every 2-3 re-strings). Experience the difference with your own frame and order the 3 pack or 4 pack (depends on how many string loops your frame has at the throat) from Tennis Express today!

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