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In-Store Demo Policy


If you live in the Houston area, stop by our large warehouse to demo some of our popular new racquets. Our store is equipped with a full sized tennis court where you can test racquets prior to making your purchase. Or you can take demos home for private testing for up to one week. An extensive variety of demo racquets are available, and our expert staff can help you decide where to begin.




You can check out up to 4 racquets at one time. The cost is $10 per racquet for a 1 week trial or $5 per racquet for a 3 day trial. You will need to have a credit card on file, and a short-term hold for the value of each racquet borrowed will be placed on the card provided. Please note, this charge is temporary and will drop off of your account once the racquets are returned. Once you have finished demoing the racquets, you can return them in-store and get credit towards your next racquet purchase.


Demo Extension:


If you bring back your demo(s) before the end of your trial, you can swap them for different ones for the remainder of the time without an additional charge. Demo extensions are the same cost as the initial charge ($10 for 1 week and $5 for 3 days). You can only keep the racquets up to 2 weeks total.


String Breakage or Racquet Damage:


If a string breaks during your trial period, then you can bring the demo back and swap it out for a different one. In the case of a racquet manufacturer defect, we will not charge you and send it back to the manufacturer for warranty. If it is obviously abused, we will charge you for the full price of the racquet.


Late Fees:


If the racquets are shipped back late, you will be charged $2.00 per racquet, per day that it is late. If we are unable to reach you after 7 days late, your credit card will be charged the full retail price for each racquet. This charge is non-refundable.


Please contact our demo department via phone 713-435-4816 or email [email protected], for more information on our in-store demo program.

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