Diadora Men's Speed Blushield 3 AG Tennis Shoe Review

Shoe Technologies

  • Upper: Supreltech, Air mesh, Dia Shield, D-Skin, Anti-Slip Design
  • Midsole: Light E.V.A. Support foam, CCB, Blushield technology, Ortholite insole
  • Outsole: Duratech 5000 Wearproof Compound, 6 Month Outsole Warranty

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The Diadora Men’s Speed Blushield 3 is designed to be one of the most comfortable performance tennis shoes on the market. It comes with a number of soft, stabilizing features that ensure total grip of the foot and perfect balance whenever you move. Diadora has updated the inner liner with Lycra to give the shoe even more comfort. Durability is still a main focus with an updated Duratech 5000 wear-resistant compound and 6 month outsole warranty guarantee. The shoe is an excellent option for players seeking first-fit comfort.


Diadora is often recognized for their shoes that naturally run a bit wide. Armed with this knowledge, and being someone who typically falls between sizes, I decided to go with a smaller size. This was a good choice because even at my smaller size, there was still ample room for my foot. I had a reasonable amount of space in the toe box, and found the wider width very comfortable. The arch also felt relatively low. One problem I did experience, though, was when moving forward. The durable overlay material would sometimes pinch down onto the top of my toes, and produce slight discomfort. The issue subsided a bit as the material loosened up, but I still noticed it from time to time.


Cushioning & Breathability
The cushioning in the Speed Blushield 3 comes as advertised. While many durability shoes incorporate extra padding into the heel area to help with heel strikes, I was impressed by the attention Diadora gave to the forefoot. In a sport where players must remain on their toes, this additional padding felt fantastic. The slightly thinner lining in the heel cup was very nice as it didn’t rub against my skin compared to the previous version. Regarding breathability, I thought it was on par with many durability shoes on the market.


Durability & Support
As a heavier player, I appreciate when a shoe is both supportive and dynamic. I thought the Diadora Speed Blushield 3 did a good job of balancing these attributes. As long as you get the sizing right, the extra space is more comfortable than cumbersome. Ultimately, the shoe is stable, and offers good lateral support. On another note, be aware that it sits pretty low-to-the-court compared to some other durability shoes. The Speed Blushield 3 seems to have a much lower heel-to-toe drop. In terms of durability, I would rate this shoe highly. It comes with a 6-month outsole warranty, and has held up very well on hard courts for me even after 2-3 months of testing.


The Diadora Men’s Speed Blushield 3 hits the mark on its three primary objectives – first-fit comfort, durability, and performance. It’s a good update to the popular Speed Blushield 2, and is a great option for players seeking a wide, comfortable tennis shoe.


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