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Diadora Men's Speed Blushield 4 Tennis Shoe Review

Shoe Technologies

  • Upper: Supreltech + Air Mesh + D-Skin, Lycra lining
  • Midsole: Blushield, CCB Stabilization, Ortholite Insole, Lightweight EVA, Inner Arch Reinforcement
  • Outsole: Duratech 5000

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Diadora’s Speed Blushield 4 Tennis Shoes maintain the comfort of past models, but incorporate a few key tweaks to up performance and on-court feel. Most notably, the reworked upper and heel are designed to remain soft and stable, but move more naturally. Blushield technology returns for exceptional underfoot comfort, while the Duratech 5000 outsole is backed by a 6-month warranty on hard-court models.




The fit of the Men’s Diadora Speed Blushield 4 is very similar to the prior model. On a basic level, this means you can expect a wide width and medium arch height. More specifically, you’ll find perhaps the softest forefoot cushioning in the game. With a greater reliance on mesh, this update eliminates uncomfortable pinching points that I sometimes felt with past models when moving around. Diadora also reworked the heel by bringing it down some, and making the material a bit more flexible. Past models had rather high and stiff material that sometimes rubbed uncomfortably on the achilles tendon area. This change upped the comfort factor, while any loss in heel-lockdown is easily averted by leveraging the additional eyelet near the ankle.


Cushioning & Breathability


I’m not sure you can say enough about the cushioning of this shoe. Blushield technology is up there with the softest midsole materials in tennis. Diadora made the shoes even more comfortable with a greater reliance on mesh, soft inner padding, and a reworked heel. While the cushioning does get beat down, like with any other shoe, you get a good, comfortable lifespan out of this shoe. With the removal of the full-overwrap construction, the Speed Blushield 4 offers enhanced breathability, and a refreshing feel when you put it on. While the shoes could probably be a bit more responsive, they still do a good job of getting you to where you need to go on the court.


Durability & Support


With the additional mesh, I wondered how the shoe’s durability would hold up. Thankfully, Diadora targeted the appropriate areas with their reinforcements, and the upper held strong. Additionally, I did not feel a decrease in stability at all. Players will still benefit from a 6-month outsole warranty on hard-court models. I thought the shoes offered good lateral support due to their wide base and CCB stabilization technology. There’s also a half bootie in the forefoot and straps integrated into the laces that help keep you supported, and centered over the footbed for quicker transitions.




The Diadora Men’s Speed Blushield 4 takes comfortable performance to the next level. This upgrade maintains the excellent durability, support, and underfoot cushioning of past models, while taking breathability and overall comfort up a notch. Although they aren’t as responsive as some other shoes on the market, many players will enjoy their first-class comfort and forgiving fit. If you like a performance shoe with a wider-than-average width, then this shoe is a must try.



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