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Diadora has slowly become recognized as a brand offering some of the most comfortable shoes in tennis. They run slightly wide, feature excellent cushioning technologies, and are high performing.


Current Diadora tennis shoe technologies include:

Axeler WI-5, Blushield, CCB, DA2 PLUS, Duratech 5000, and Supreltech + Air Mesh + D-Skin.



Axeler WI-5


Diadora's Axeler Heel Propulsion is made from Pebax, a highly elastic memory material. Thanks to a specially contoured insert the Axeler Heel Propulsion ensures maximum shock absorption during impact with the ground. It gives greater elasticity during thrust phase while reducing foot torsion in the arch area and ensuring perfect stability for the whole foot.







Diadora's Blushield technology is situated in the metatarsal region to offer premier cushioning and energy return. It's designed to fit comfortably with the natural anatomy of the foot, translating to efficient motion. Diadora also offers Blushield Fly technology with the same overall purpose, but in a lighter and more dynamic package.


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Diadora's CCB technology features a lightweight medial stabilizer to control torsional stability near the arch. It's designed to avoid detracting from the shoe's shock-absorption capabilities.


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Exclusive Diadora shock-absorbing system composed of two differentdensity elastomers placed on the heel and metatarsal area. Created to ensure maximum shock absorbing, eliminating negative vibrations in the heel area, and to enhance flexibility and distribution of pressures in the forefoot area.




Duratech 5000


This outsole material is comprised of a special wear-resistant rubber compound, assuring a far higher wear resistance than standard rubber. It is often backed by a 6-month outsole warranty.



Supreltech + Air Mesh + D-Skin


Sometimes seen in separate configurations, Diadora's Supreltech, Air Mesh, and D-Skin technologies are often combined in the upper for an excellent blend of stability, breathability, and comfort.


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