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Diadora Women's Speed Blushield 3 AG Tennis Shoe Review

Shoe Technologies

  • Upper: Supreltech, Air mesh, Dia Shield, D-Skin, Anti-Slip Design
  • Midsole: Light E.V.A. Support foam, CCB, Blushield technology, Woman Last, Ortholite insole
  • Outsole: Duratech 5000 Wearproof Compound, 6 Month Outsole Warranty

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The Diadora Women's Speed Blushield 3 AG represents the next great leap for tennis shoes in terms of comfort, durability and performance. This updated version comes with a number of soft, stabilizing features while providing premier durability during intense play. The shoe naturally runs a little wider to fit a variety of players. New to this model is a technology called Woman Last, which reflects the ergonimics of the female foot allowing for a better overall performance.


Cushioning & Stability
The Speed Blushield 3 AG is on another level! Everything about this shoe is amazing. They are the most comfortable shoes I have tried in a while and you will not be disappointed by their performance. The cushioning is all around the shoe and you feel it from heel to toe. The shoe makes your foot feel cushioned with every step you take almost like you’re stepping on a cloud. The stability is hands down one of the best features about this shoe. Whether you are jumping on the serve or running back and forth on the court, your feet will feel secure.


The Blushield 3 is true to size and takes about an hour or two to break them in. Once broken in, they feel like clouds on your feet with more stability than a running shoe. The new Woman Last technology enabled a more supportive, cushioned feel compared to the previous version and allowed for better performance when I was on court. Like the previous version, players will still want to wear ankle length socks to prevent heel blisters from occurring.


The Speed Blushield 3 AG is a durable shoe with an outsole warranty, but does not feel heavy like other shoes with warranties. It makes your feet feel like flying around the court with no limitation on your speed. It’s agile enough to position yourself perfectly for any shot and not feel wrong footed even on defense. It is a great shoe for players who train several hours a day and go through shoes regularly.


I have suffered from plantar fasciitis before, but the support this shoe provides on the heel and arch is unbelievable. Players will get maximum comfort and stability right away without feeling weighed down. The added durability guarantee reassures this shoe will not break down after hours or months of constant play. The new female foot design structure is a great feature that gives players more support and better fit than before. If you want to get on a new level, then it’s time to check out the Diadora Speed Blusheild 3 AG tennis shoe.


About the Reviewer: Susana Alcaraz is originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico. She has played Division 1 tennis at New Mexico State for 2 years and played Divison 2 tennis for 2 years at Northwood University reaching a top 30 ranking. Currently she plays in the USTA Women's Open division ranking #2 in Texas. She has been a Store Manager at Tennis Express since July 2018.

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