Diadora Speed Blushield Fly 2 Tennis Shoe Review

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  • Upper: Supreltech + Air Mesh + D-Skin, Lycra interior lining, Bootie construction
  • Midsole: Blushield Fly, CCB, Light EVA
  • Outsole: Duratech 5000 wear-resistant rubber, 6-Month Guarantee

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Diadora’s new Speed Blushield Fly 2 offers some fantastic improvements to the popular series, most notably a better fit, lighter weight and 6-month durability guarantee. It’s comfortable right out of the gates, supportive and breathable. Key features of its precursor remain unchanged, such as its softness, durability and the beautiful, fashion-forward design. All in all, it’s a high-performing and comfortable shoe that will last. Definitely a great weapon in your tennis arsenal.


Cushioning & Responsiveness


I loved the cushioning in the Blushield Fly 2, especially the super comfy removable Ortholite insole. It’s soft and supportive, but not so much that it affects the shoe’s responsiveness. The arch support is a perfect fit for my foot, and provided great stability. Diadora’s Blushield technology delivers cushioning designed specifically for the anatomy of the female foot, and I could definitely feel it. While most durable tennis shoes take some time to break in, this shoe felt pliable and molded to my foot straight away. I felt fast and agile on court thanks to the shoe’s lightness and it responded well to any quick changes in direction. I also loved the soft, padded bootie construction which gave me a great locked-in feel around the heel and top of my foot. The only negative, for me, was the height of the bootie which caused a little bit of rubbing on my ankle. It never became an issue during playtesting, but I wondered if it would over time. However, that could be fixed by simply wearing a taller sock.


Fit & Breathability


This shoe runs slightly wide, but for my particular foot this shoe offered the ideal amount of room and support. A nonskid relief texture is located in the bootie construction which kept my foot from sliding around during playtesting. I usually wear between an 8 and 8.5, but I found this shoe to run a bit long, so I sized down to an 8. In terms of its breathability, I was pleasantly surprised. The mesh on the shoe’s outer really promotes airflow, and I never felt any sweat build up.




This is an extremely durable shoe thanks to the Duratech 5000 wear-resistant rubber outsole, which is tough and promises to withstand a beating on any court surface. I liked how the outsole curved up to cover the toe area too, which is a great feature for tennis players who are toe draggers. Diadora’s impressive 6-month durability guarantee is further proof that the manufacturer stands behind the durability of the shoe. That said, I noticed a bit of wear and discoloration on the center of the sole after only a couple of playtesting sessions. It didn’t seem to affect the shoe’s performance, but it was still unexpected.




Aesthetically speaking, the Diadora Speed Blushield Fly 2 is an attractive shoe. The design features predominately in black and white, punctuated with the bold accent color. Unique design elements include a shimmery metallic camo design on much of the outer, and a semi-transparent mesh that reveals bands of the accent color beneath. Diadora makes sure to coordinate their shoe colors perfectly with each apparel collection they release, so it’s easy to find outfits that are a perfect match.




I’m a huge fan of the Diadora Speed Blushield Fly 2 tennis shoe. Straight away, it felt incredibly soft, broken-in, light and fast. I definitely get the sensation that it’s a long-lasting, durable shoe that could take a beating and still perform. The midsole provides the perfect amount of cushioning, the arch support is spot-on, the bootie construction is snug as well as supportive, and the slightly wider width makes this a perfect shoe for many players.


About the Reviewer: Renee Bergere has been playing tennis recreationally for the last 25 years and currently plays at a NTRP 3.5 level. She also runs marathons and follows a high intensity training program called F45.


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