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Dunlop iDapt

Never before has a racquet manufacturer given tennis players the ability to customize their racquet to fit their playing style. With Dunlop iDapt, you as a tennis player can now customize the way you want your racquet built from frame color to length, without the same cost as other custom racquets. Want a longer racquet, no problem, switch to the extended length handle. Want a softer or firmer feel? No Problem. Whether you're a baseline basher or an all-court wizard, iDapt technology has been developed with one player in mind: YOU.

Choose Your Head

Not only can you choose which frame best fits your game, but now Dunlop is offering you the chance to also pick which color best suits your personality. With each frame, you have the choose of three different cosmetics, ranging from traditional to something slightly more radical. With all the features that the Dunlop Idapt system offers, you can create up to 432 different racquets with all the options provided.


Choose Your Grip Size and Length:

In the past, if you wanted to lengthen your racquet, you would have to either buy a new racquet or take your racquet to a technician to be specially modified at the handle. Now with iDapt technology, you can switch in between a standard length racquet and an extended length racquet with ease.

Not only can change the length, but you can change your grip size as well if you think its too large or small. Make these changes is easy, just visit Dunlop's iDapt website and find your nearest authorized iDapt Dealer.

Shock Sleeve

Choose Your Feel:

Dunlop's iDapt system now not only lets you choose the length of your racquet, but how it feels when you play as well. With the Dunlop Shock Sleeve you can choose between Soft, Medium and Firm to customize the way that vibrations are transmitted through the frame. For more information on the Dunlop Shock Sleeve, check out our Dunlop Shock Sleeve Technology page.

Blast Zones

The Last Trick that Dunlop has up its sleeve is the Dunlop Blast Zones. These zones are strategically placed on the racquet to give you added benefits through the application of Blast Strips. For more information on what Blast Zones can do to further customize your racquet, please visit our Dunlop Blast Zone Technology page.

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