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Founded in Australia, Dunlop Sports was originally known worldwide for its tennis shoes. In 1924, the company introduced its first line of "sandshoes" and by 1932 Dunlop was manufacturing more than 2 million pairs of shoes each year.

Today, Dunlop Tennis is as famous for its tennis racquets as it is for its legendary shoes. The heritage of technology, innovative engineering and manufacturing makes Dunlop the brand of choice for pros like Tommy Haas, Tommy Robredo and Amelie Mauresmo.

Hass, Robredo and Mauresmo all use the Dunlop M-FiL 300 racquet, which is well suited to attacking all court and baseline play. This racquet offers a blend of maneuverability and stability, and the stringbed provides plenty of feel whether you are a player who likes to charge the net, or if you prefer to stay back.

The Dunlop M-FiL is known for a predictable power level, providing good access to slice and topspin when serving. A key combination for players of all levels, this racquet gives both power and control and is considered very solid, even when you are matched against open level players. Nicely balanced and responsive, the M-Fil 300 series also has a reputation for increase spin and a low swingweight. Featuring Dunlop's new M-FiL Construction, players who choose the M-FiL 300 series racquets will find an increased stiffness at 3 and 9 o'clock.

 If you are looking for a racquet that can help improve your game, you need look no further than the Dunlop 900G series. Boasting a large sweetspot and innovative Dunlop tennis racquet technologies, the 900G measures in at 25.5 inches, increasing your reach and your power. It has a lightweight frame, making it comfortable for players of all ability levels, and also uses the Isis Enhanced Feel handle system technology.

The Isis Enhanced Feel reduces the level of vibrations transmitted to the player's hand, increasing comfort during play. This more comfortable grip does not, however, mean that you have to sacrifice feel.

In addition, the HotMelt process used to manufacture the 900G series gives you an edge over players using a traditional graphite racquet. HotMelt creates a molten graphite skin over the racquet's entire frame, increasing power by 30 percent as compared to other brands.

Loaded with innovation, the 900G series also boasts Concave Frame Technology. This technology increases the legendary sweetspot by featuring an increased depth of cross section in the top half of the racquet. The result? A significantly larger sweetspot.

Dunlop's latest foray into cutting-edge engineering resulted in the Aerogel line of racquets, currently favored by Greg Rusedski. Dunlop Aerogel is the world's lightest solid material, and yet it has strength of up to 4,000 times its own weight. The Aerogel series takes advantage of this nano-technolgy to deliver a phenomenal strength-to-weight ratio. This refined ratio results in enhanced stiffness and increased power to deliver the perfect control-to-power ratio for all players.

If you are a female player looking for a racquet engineered for a woman's body, Dunlop offers its M-FiL Lady Racquets. Lightweight and maneuverable, the M-FiL Lady series boasts Dunlop's Multifilament Construction process at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions. This increased stiffness gives the sweetspot a boost and also helps prevent twisting on off-center shots. This line of racquets is suited to any female player who is looking to enhance her game. 
Dunlop accounced James Blake returning as a member of their Dunlop Tour Team. Dunlop Sports now boasts 4 players in the ATP top 12 -- James Blake (8th), Tommy Robredo (9th), Tommy Haas (10th), and Tomas Berdych (12th) -- all of them playing with the extraordinary technology of the new Dunlop Aerogel racquet.

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