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Over six-decades strong, Fred Perry remains one of the few tennis brands for Men and Women that has true iconic product – the Fred Perry Shirt. An instantly recognizable logo – the Laurel Wreath. Authentic heritage – within sports and music history. And a tribal following – Fred Perry aficionados remain so dedicated that Laurel Wreath tattoos have become part of our culture.

Fred Perry came from humble beginnings and was initially despised by the tennis hierarchy because of his working-class background. Despite beginning his career as an outsider, in 1933, he helped Britain win the Davis Cup for the first time in 21 years and won the US Championships. Within two years he became the first player in history to win all four Grand Slam events and went on to win Wimbledon three years in succession from 1934-1936.

“I wouldn’t want to play me today.” – Frederick John Perry

The eponymous label was launched in 1952.

Fred Perry has long been adopted by people wanting to associate themselves with the brands history, firmly rooted in counter-culture. Our streetwear roots began with the emergence of the Modernist (or “Mod”) movement of the 1950s. The Mods wore the shirt for its fit, crisp look under a jacket, and its ability to endure a long night out and still look sharp the next day. From there the brand continually found its way into British subcultures from the Skinheads, Suedeheads, Rude Boys, and Northern Soul Boys in the 60s, Punks in the 70s, Casuals in the 80s, and with Brit Pop in the 90s, British urban music, sports stars and American presidents alike. Fred Perry has become synonymous with sports and music and has an innate Britishness that has transcended both time and nationality.

One shirt forever. Designed by Fred himself. Unchanged in 60 years.

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