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GAMMA Glide Cross String Half Set Review

GAMMA Glide Cross String Half Set Review

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Gamma Glide Cross 16G Tennis String Half Set


Construction: Proprietary Fluorinated Polymer

Color: Crystal

Gauge: 16G (1.30mm)

Length: 20’ 


Test Racquet / Tension
Wilson Blade 98S / Mains 53 Crosses 58 lbs

Gamma Glide is a revolutionary string that, combined with any other main string, will enhance spin, power and comfort. How does it work? Well, Glide has a slick composition that allows your main (vertical) strings to quickly snap back into place just after contact, which creates added rotation and pop on the ball. During my playtest with Glide, I used a polyester string in the mains since I prefer a firmer feeling string bed.


My Blade 98S tends to go through strings quickly thanks to its open string pattern, but Glide demonstrated relative durability considering I was using a 17-gauge main string. This is due to Gamma Glide being a solid proprietary polymer – not just an outer wrap or coating – so as it flattens out and frays slightly, it still maintains it lubricity. As a rule of thumb, you can expect Glide’s overall durability to be consistent with what you would expect from a full set of your main strings.

Power / Spin / Control
Despite stringing Glide 10% tighter than your main strings as suggested by Gamma, you’ll likely notice an increase in power. But I found the added pop was kept in check by the additional spin, assuming my timing was solid. No matter what main strings you choose to use with Glide, you should see an increase in spin, which will translate to greater margin for error and a livelier feel on contact. You’ll be able to aim higher over the net, which gives you more consistency and your opponent a more difficult ball to handle. Plus, thanks to the advertised snap back, you’ll rarely have to straighten your strings.

Feel / Comfort
With Glide being so soft, any main string will feel softer than it normally would. This is awesome for any player that likes to use polyester strings, but can’t handle the harsh feel they are known for. Although I typical prefer a firmer feeling string bed, this hybrid setup was enjoyable to play with.

Playability / Overall
Overall, I found that Gamma Glide lived up to its billing, enhancing the feel of my main strings and giving me the extra spin I was looking for. If you’ve found a full bed of poly to be hard on your arm, adding Glide is a great way to soften the feel. Those who use a softer string to begin with (multi or monofilament) are going to love the added comfort and power Glide will provide. Gamma is breaking new ground with this string, and I think players of all ability levels can take advantage of its technology.

About the Reviewer: Alex Meyers is a graduate of the Professional Tennis Management Program at Ferris State University in Michigan. He is also a USPTA Professional, PTR Junior, High Performance and Adult Instructor as well as a USRSA Master Racquet Technician.  He has also strung for the Italian Fed Cup Team.





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