Gratis Gamma Gear!

Gratis Gamma Gear!

Gratis, gratuite, kostenlos, free. There are many words used to define it, but  receiving something for nothing is universally appreciated! Right now Gamma is offering a FREE Supreme Overgrip with the purchase of select Gamma strings in 16 or 17 gauge. It’s only for a limited time, though, so stock up on these bonus packs while you still can! Read on to find your favorite string and take advantage of Gamma gear that can help you get your game to the next level.

By: Tiffany Thor

If you're looking for the topmost in power and control (and who isn't?), take the Gamma TNT2 out for a spin - all puns intended! Second generation Thermal Nuclear Technology results in greater elasticity, and the solid core construction of Elastilon 2 polymer offers enhanced power plus ball pocketing. The outer wraps have a soft hand for the ultimate in comfort. No wonder this is a favorite among players! Comes in a natural color.

The Gamma Live Wire Professional features Live Wire Multifilament Technology. which provides over 20% greater dynamic resiliency and dynamic elasticity than other multifilament synthetic strings, giving you more  power and less shock. Read: hit hard without hurting your arm! It also features an advanced string construction that incorporates Iso-elastic Fibers, NCP Tension Fibers, and PEEK abrasion resistant fibers woven within the outer wraps for enhanced durability. This unique construction combined with GAMMA’s exclusive Advanced Irradiation Process provides Gut-Like Performance and a crisp, solid feel. This string is also natural in color.

Your fellow players tell us that volleys are easy and lobs are controllable with the Gamma Moto string. This black string features a heptagonal shape that allows the strings to catch the ball more effectively and increases the amount of spin potential. The co-poly material retains tension well while providing greater feedback to the player. Give it a go and see where you can take your game!

And now (drum roll please) the grip that you'll receive with your new strings: The Gamma Supreme Overgrip offers excellent tackiness and absorbency. Soft, yet long-lasting, this overgrip has a loyal fan base for good reason. Many of our customers have used this grip once and never looked back. We bet you'll try the one that's included with the string then come back for the big bags!

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