HEAD Graphene XT Speed Rev Pro ASP Tennis Racquet Review

Racquet Specs

  • Head Size: 100 sq. in. MP
  • Length: 27.4 inches
  • Weight: Strung — 10 oz Unstrung — 9.4 oz
  • Tension: 48-57 Pounds
  • Balance: 1 Pt Head Light
  • Beam Width: 22mm
  • Composition: Graphene
  • Flex: 60
  • Grip Type: Hydrosorb Pro
  • Power Level: Low-Medium
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses Or 16 Mains / 16 Crosses
  • Shared Holes: None
  • Main Skip: 8T, 8H
  • Swing Speed: Medium
  • Swing Weight: 316

HEAD Graphene XT Speed Rev Pro ASP Tennis Racquet Review

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Head  YouTek Graphene Speed S Tennis Racquet

For players seeking a light frame that produces the power and stability of a heavier racquet, HEAD has the answer with the Graphene XT Speed Rev Pro. This model uses an improved, stronger version of Graphene, allowing them to make a lighter frame with more weight in the tail and tip capable of playing with the swing weight of a heavier frame. The racquet also introduces Adaptive String Pattern (ASP) technology, allowing players to go from a 16x19 pattern to a 16x16 pattern by changing out the side grommet strips. At 10oz (strung), a 1-point head light balance, and extended 27.4” length, the racquet is a great option for players looking for a versatile all court frame that provides exceptional maneuverability.

The Graphene XT Speed Rev Pro plays light and fast from the back of the court. Its 98” head is slightly smaller than the rest of the Speed line and it offers impressive control and maneuverability while still having a sizeable sweet spot. The variable beam width provides ample power from both sides. The reduced weight makes it easy to accelerate through contact and generate additional spin and power.


With a near even balance and higher swing weight for its weight class, it provides solid stability through contact and when forced into defense against bigger hitters. The extended length provided extra leverage on ground strokes, especially for two handed backhands. It was also beneficial when stretched out for defensive plays. Players after even more spin and depth can use the ASP system to swap the string pattern into a 16x16 configuration. This provides a higher launch angle and more snap back off the string bed, creating noticeable increases in spin and clearance. Players will be able to switch between a balanced attack and a spin creating monster each time they string the frame up.


Volleys & serves
I found the Speed Rev Pro to have impressive stability at net considering its low overall weight. It maneuvers into position rapidly during quick exchanges and provides excellent control and power for finishing volleys. I did find the added length a bit tougher to get into position on volleys close to the body but overall it did not deter from the frame’s impressive net capabilities. There is solid feedback and feel for touch and drop volleys. The 16x16 pattern was a little bit tougher to dial in for touch shots and tended to float a few more volleys than the tighter 16x19 setup. Overall, the frame provided plenty of finishing potential.


Players will have the full menu of serves at their disposal with the Speed Rev Pro. Its low overall weight provides for rapid acceleration through contact and easy power generation. Flat serves carry a solid amount of heaviness thanks to the boost in swing weight the Graphene construction adds. The fast feel also lends itself well to generating spin on serves.


Both the 16x19 and 16x16 string configurations provide significant access to spin. The 16x16 pattern in particular provides aggressive kick to serves and allows players put returners into compromising positions from the first ball. The frame offers decent directional accuracy with the tighter string pattern being a bit easier to spot serves to the corners. The added length again provided additional leverage, increasing the power and creating favorable angles of delivery.



Like the rest of the updated Speed line, the Rev Pro provides excellent feel and comfort. It has a clean feel on contact, even outside the sweet spot. The frame also has minimal vibration on contact, furthering improving the feel. Feedback is consistent and offers players a connected feel on each shot.

The Graphene XT Speed Rev Pro provides an intriguing option for players who enjoy light frames. It has the extreme maneuverability associated with light racquets but the design provides a higher than usual swing weight for its category. This provides more power and stability than typical of racquets in its class without requiring an increase in static weight. These features along with extra reach and leverage thanks to its extended length make the racquet a formidable choice for players who want an all-court performer that is easy to swing for an entire match.

About the Reviewer: Matt Locke currently serves as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho and is an active USTA League and Tournament player.





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