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Head Tennis Racquets

Originally known for its ski equipment, Head exploded onto the tennis scene in 1971. Known for its innovative manufacturing processes and outstanding engineering techniques, Head tennis racquets are a fixture on the pro circuit.

Take, for example, the Head Microgel Prestige racquet. Favored by the charismatic pro Marat Safin, this mid-sized racquet is famous for its exceptional feel and control. Any player who is looking for precision and a controlled response when trading groundstrokes will find it in the Microgel Prestige. A unique facet of this racquet is the patented Head Microgel technology, designed to cup the ball for better directional control and feel.

Choosing the Flexpoint Prestige also gives players the advantage of LiquidMetal and Total Sweetspot Construction.

LiquidMetal is an alloy developed by the California Institute Technology that provides up to 29 percent more power than Titanium. This alloy has a liquid atomic structure and it does not deform when the ball impacts the tennis racquet. LiquidMetal is placed strategically on four areas of the head and is integrated in the main layer of the frame’s construction.

Head’s LiquidMetal is built into the Flexpoint Prestige’s head at 2, 4 and 8 o’clock, in what the company calls the Total Sweetspot Construction. Total Sweetspot Construction also includes a corrugated construction to increase the racquet’s stability even further.

This racquet makes for controlled, consistent serves, and is ideal for players who are looking to lend a little more “oomph” to their games. This kind of engineering and performance is what makes the Flexpoint Prestige the choice of pros like Safin and Patty Schnyder.

Safin and Schnyder are not alone in their preference for Head racquet technology on the court. Just ask pro Andy Murray. Murray uses the i.Radical, a racquet that is available in two head sizes: mid-plus (98 inches) and oversize (107 inches). Both models weigh in at about 11 ounces strung and are made to be balanced slightly head light.

Deceptively mobile due to their low swingweight, the i.Radical racquet, part of the limited edition Head Radical racquet series, generates good head speed on groundstrokes and serves. This racquet also benefits from Head Intellifiber, a fiber created from piezoelectric material. This material transforms the mechanical energy generated by the ball’s impact into an electrical response that stiffens the racquet. This gives the racquet the unusual benefit of reducing the bend in the throat area, giving it tremendous power.

An added benefit of Intellifiber technology is a 20 percent reduction in vibrations that ensure when the ball hits the strings.

Head is also known for developing racquets that are specifically designed for women’s tennis. The Head Airflow racquets are light and maneuverable and better balanced than most lighter-weight racquets. With an ergonomically designed handle made to fit the unique anatomy of the female hand, the Airflow line also boasts top-notch Head engineering in the form of Metallix.

Metallix combines a specially designed matric of carbon fibers with a new metal alloy, making it one of the lightest – and strongest – new materials available for tennis racquet construction.

The Airflow line places this new alloy strategically in the redesigned shaft section of the racquet, reducing weight while increasing power and response. The Head Airflow family of racquets offers a variety of weights and power-preferences for the discriminating female player who is passionate about her sport.

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