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HEAD is traditionally known for their tennis racquets, but they offer some very nice tennis shoes, as well. They've displayed a knack for introducing innovative shoe technologies in recent years, and look to continually up the performance of their shoes.


Current HEAD tennis shoe technologies include:

Cooling System, Drift Defense, Energy Frame, Hybrasion, SuperFabric®, and TRI-NRG.



Cooling System


HEAD's Cooling System® is a unique construction method that opens up airways through the bottom of the shoe, and includes breathable upper mesh. It provides state-of-the-art moisture management by creating a dynamic “climate control” system within the shoe. It maintains ultimate breathability by absorbing and releasing excess heat build-up.


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Drift Defense


HEAD's Drift Defense technology provides toe and medial forefoot protection. It's often seen as a sort of "cage" overlaid onto mesh. HEAD uses an abrasion-resistant rubber or TPU layer to protect against aggressive toe drags. The extra durability is designed in a way so as not to deter natural movements on the court.




Energy Frame


HEAD's Energy Frame technology consists of lateral and medial TPU stability elements. First inspired by HEAD ski boots, these "TPU wings" guarantee stability when moving sideways. The technology has been tweaked and optimized for tennis, resulting in more stable and supportive performance during high-impact play.






HEAD's Hybrasion technology features a high-abrasion compound rubber formula specifically designed for the high-stress areas of shoe soles. It provides superior toe-drag resistance and hard-wearing performance on any playing surface. This technology has evolved into upgraded iterations, such as Hybrasion+.






HEAD partnered with SuperFabric® to create a highly-durable, flexible, and lightweight upper material for tennis. Similar iterations are used in ski jackets, pants, motorcycle apparel, arm guards, bus seats, industrial covers, work boots, Ferrari (599 GTB) upholstery, and more. When this material was first introduced in a HEAD tennis shoe, it was backed by a 3-month warranty, meaning the brand truly believes in its performance.


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HEAD's TRI-NRG is the brand's complete support technology. "NRG" is derived from Neutralizing impact in the heel area, then becoming Rigid in the midfoot for excellent torsional support, and Generating energy as you move forward for additional acceleration. This is possible thanks to the careful transition of materials with different properties and densities.


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