Houston's Six Best Public Tennis Courts

Houstonians love tennis. Because of that, there are hundreds of courts, dozens of clubs and no shortage of places to play. But for the recreational player who just wants to go hit around sometimes, the prospect of joining a country club, or even reserving a court at the enormous and popular Memorial Park Tennis Center can be daunting. So, we have compiled a list of six of the best public courts in Houston to just play a pick up match at – no reservations and no fees required.

1. Emancipation Park, 3018 Dowling, 77004

This excellent little park packs a punch – with two full courts plus two separate practice walls, there’s plenty of court to share. Solo players won’t have to worry about encroaching on a full court game, and vice versa, at this central Houston park. Located less than a mile from the intersection of I-45 and the South Freeway, it’s also highly convenient.

2. Melrose Park, 12200 Melrose Park, 77076

This surprise tennis haven is smack-dab in the middle of north Houston, near the Hardy Toll Road. With four full courts, it’s big enough to accommodate large groups or even friendly tournaments. Plus, it’s situated between a golf course and a huge stand of trees, so noise and traffic will almost never be a problem.

3. Moody Park, 3725 Fulton, 77009

Though Moody Park only has two courts, it’s located at the Moody Community Center in central Houston, which offers a host of other activities to keep everyone busy. Jump in the pool after a long summer match, or bring a picnic to share after a few hours of hitting with a friend. Or, let the kids play on the playground as you practice your serve on a Saturday morning – the options are endless.

4. Nottingham Park, 14205 Kimberley, 77079

These west Houston courts are brand new, and they look it – one of the few Houston public courts with a real hard surface and contrasting paint, this place screams serious tennis. There are two full courts and a practice wall, but you might have to wait around a little while before one becomes available – they tend to fill up pretty fast. Fortunately, Nottingham Park has a gorgeous walking trail for you to peruse while you pass the time.

5. Willow Park, 10400 Cliffwood, 77035

Willow Park is another small park that has a lot to offer. New surfaces on the court, high, sturdy fences, and shade from surrounding trees means this court is a great place to hit if you live in southwest Houston. And the lighting here is superb – six giant poles surround the two courts, offering plenty of illumination to ensure you get a great game no matter the time of day.

6. Wilson Memorial Park, 100 Gilpin, 77034

There aren’t many public courts in southeast Houston, but Wilson Memorial offers two courts for the tennis enthusiast. The park is tucked away from the highway and the courts are far off the roads, so a quiet game is virtually guaranteed. And, a small pond with ducks and geese is just feet away, to offer you the calming serenity of nature after a loss on the court.

So there you have it, six of the best public courts in Houston. There are dozens more scattered throughout the city; click here for a full listing. So get your gear at Tennis Express, get out there, and play some tennis, Houston!

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