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How to Replace a Tennis Overgrip


Proper installation of an overgrip can help you maintain a good hold on your racquet’s handle and eliminate nagging discomfort to your hands as well.That's why we've put together a step by step guide (with video!) to re-gripping your racquet. You'll be a pro in no time!


Racquet Preparation

If your racquet has an overgrip on it already, remove it before proceeding. This is a good time to inspect the replacement grip to see if it also needs to be replaced. Most players neglect the replacement grip on their racquets, but over time, the replacement grip’s padding can compress, making the handle smaller and less comfortable. Use a measuring tape and determine the circumference of the handle (it should measure the same or slightly larger than its stated size). If it’s too small, replace it before installing the overgrip.


Overgrip Preparation

Take the piece of trim tape supplied to adhere the overgrip to the racquet and remove all the backing. Then, stick it to your table or another location to wait for application. This will enable you to avoid releasing the overgrip to remove it later. Next, carefully remove the plastic protective covering from the overgrip and take off the paper covering of the adhesive tape on the back.



Hold the racquet “upside down”, with the handle facing up, and determine the direction of the wrap. If you’re a right-handed player, the grip wrap should spiral down the handle from left to right; for lefties, it should spiral from right to left (if you’re a lefty and the grip is wrapped for a righty, replace the grip with one wrapped properly for you). Then, attach the small piece of tape on the tapered end of the overgrip in a place where the “bump” won’t be noticeable: when the original grip is installed, there will almost always be a spot where the grip has this “bump” at the butt; start the overgrip on the other side.


As you wrap the grip, make sure to keep it taut, especially at the beginning: if the overgrip isn’t snug against the replacement grip at the bottom, it will wrinkle or bunch up, pinching or blistering your hand. Follow the wrap of the grip down the handle, keeping it taut and overlapping slightly (not more than ¼”), until you reach the top of the handle. You may now wrap the finishing tape around the overgrip as it is, or take some scissors and trim it to match the replacement grip (recommended).


Check out our video for further clarification!


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