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Is Serena Williams Learning How to Do Nails?

I found this hilarious story on Globalgrind about Serena’s journey to become a nail technician. After the Australian Open, she apparently enrolled into a beauty program and she must complete 240 hours to become a certified nail technician.

She also seems to be having a great time. According to Serena:

“Today was my first day and boy was I excited! When I got there, they immediately had us do pedicures on each other. I wanted to make sure I did it just the way the real salons do it, so I began with asking the girl if she wanted any water to drink. I was so relieved when she said no, because honestly, I didn’t have any to give her. Then I asked her to pick a color and she said French!! I've never done french, but I was determined to not butcher it. Luckily, thanks to my weekly pedicures I took my time and it came out great. I know it wasn’t just me thinking I did good because all of the other girls kept asking if I had done this before. They thought I was on that show called "I get that a lot!"

Serena Williams will be coming out with a nail collection from HairTech. This is probably her way of learning the business from the ground up.

How many of you would like to get your nails done by Serena? Let us know in the comments.

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