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K-Swiss was founded in 1966 by two Swiss brothers who moved to California to create a footwear company. As avid skiers, they drew inspiration from leather ski boots to create the first all-leather tennis shoe. Since then, K-Swiss has continually innovated to make some of the most popular footwear in tennis.


Current K-Swiss tennis shoe technologies include:

180 PSC and 360 PSC, Aösta, DragGuard, DurawrapInfi-knit, and Surge.



180 PSC and 360 PSC


K-Swiss' Plantar Support Chassis (PSC) technologies are all about stability. The 180 version is a 180 degree thermal plastic PSC that enhances midfoot stability. The 360 iteration is a 360 degree thermal plastic PSC that enhances both midfoot and heel stability.





K-Swiss' Aösta technology is a high-density outsole material that provides superior durability from heel to toe. It has evolved over the years, and may be referred to as Aösta II or Aösta 7.0.





K-Swiss' DragGuard is located in high-wear areas of the toe and heel, offering increased abrasion resistance in tough on-court conditions. This material has seen upgrades over the years, and may be referred to as DragGuard 7.0, as well.





K-Swiss' Durawrap provides an extra line of defense against toe dragging. We've seen several iterations of this technology that are specialized for different kinds of tennis shoes. Durawrap Flex is light and flexible. Durawrap Light focuses on lightweight protection. Durawrap X is injected directly onto the surface of the upper for durability and support.





K-Swiss' Infi-knit is constructed with 3D Engineered UHMWPE knit, providing comfort with high abrasion properties. When integrated into tennis shoes, players can expect a lightweight and breathable experience, with solid protection.





K-Swiss' Surge technology is a premium cushioning system that comes in several forms. Original Surge+ is a dual-density system that utilizes a shock spring and Surgelite. Surgelite is a lightweight, flexible, and durable cushioning technology. Surge 7.0 is a lightweight, premium cushioning system that offers maximum energy return.


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