K-Swiss Women's Ultrashot 2 Tennis Shoe Review

Shoe Technologies

  • Upper: Perforated Synthetic Leather, DuraWrap
  • Midsole: SurgeLite
  • Outsole: Aösta 7.0, DragGuard

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We have known K-Swiss to make some pretty comfortable shoes since their insurgence onto the tennis market in 1966. Through the years they have developed many different durability shoes that seemed to do well, but couldn’t keep up with the Nike Cage or Adidas Barricade. In today’s time, I think they have finally found a great competitor in the shoe market with the Ultrashot 2. Compared to its predecessor, the Ultrashot 2 gets updates in the midsole with SurgeLite technology and a thicker tongue construction so you will get even more cushioning without a heavier feeling shoe. Let’s see how the Ultrashot compared to some of the best durability shoes on the market today.


Stability and Cushioning


The Ultrashot 2 is one of the most stable tennis shoes I have tried in a long time. I felt safe and able to run all over the court with these shoes. I had the freedom to push off comfortably whenever I was running down a ball or hitting serves. Another advantage of these shoes is the step-in comfort. They are very plush and heavily cushioned so I didn’t need much of a breaking in period. The Heel-Grip Lining is super useful securing my foot from coming out of the shoe. This gave me more confidence on the court to run and not worry about losing my footing. Players may be a little hesitant with this shoe because of the overall weight. However, thanks to the lightweight cushioning, I never felt like my feet were dragging or slowing down.




I tend to go up half a size in my tennis shoes and this was not an exception. The Ultrashot 2s are true to size and are right what I need for my feet. I am used to shoes that have a wider tow box in the front so I have space to stop and not jam my toes. Players that like a closer toe fit may want to use double socks.




If you want durable shoes that you can practice on every day during the week, this pair is the one to go to. The updated Aösta 7.0 outsole will give the durability needed for that high performance player who goes through shoes in a heartbeat. This shoe was also great for players like me who drag their feet when serving or running for shots. The DragGuard and Durawrap technologies make the shoe more durable in front holding up better than any other shoes on the market.




The Ultrashot 2 tennis shoes have many great things to offer for all players. The stability and durability it offers, surpasses a lot of shoes sold at its price point. It has a 6 month outsole warranty which makes it even more desirable, and the wider toe box gives players breathability when their feet get swollen from all the running or standing during play.


About the Reviewer: Susana Alcaraz is originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico. She has played Division 1 tennis at New Mexico State for 2 years and played Divison 2 tennis for 2 years at Northwood University reaching a top 30 ranking. Currently she plays in the USTA Women's Open division ranking #2 in Texas. She has been a Store Manager at Tennis Express since July 2018.

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