KIRSCHBAUM Pro Line X 16G String Review

KIRSCHBAUM Pro Line X 16G  Review

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Head  YouTek Graphene Speed S Tennis Racquet

Construction: Co-Polymer Monofilament

Color: Red

Gauge: 16G / 1.30mm

Length: 40' / 12.2m

Test Racquet / Tension
Wilson Blade 98S / 55lbs

Kirschbaum Pro Line X 16G is a relatively budget friendly monofilament co-polyester string.

Thanks to its open string pattern and spin potential, the Blade 98S is going to run through string more quickly than some of its counterparts. That said, Pro Line X gave me a significant amount of play time before breaking. This speaks to how durable the string is despite being in such an open string pattern.

Power / Spin / Control
The muted power of Pro line X works to keep the lively feel of the Blade 98S in check for me. I can still swing through the ball, but on my rally pace groundstrokes, I do not feel like the racquet is controlling me. Pro line X’s lower power level provides exceptional control of the ball, due in part to the string’s ability to put spin on the ball. Although some of the spin can be attributed to the racquet, I didn’t find myself adjusting my string often, which means that they were snapping back on their own.

Feel / Comfort
The feel of Pro line X is crisp in my opinion, although that is how I prefer my strings rather than a dull gummy feel upon ball impact. This crispness provides excellent feedback from the string bed, but it’s not harsh to the point that it would give players soreness after long sessions.

Playability / Overall
Kirschbaum Pro line X is best string that I have used in my racquet. With its durability, control and ability to impart spin on the ball, it is a perfect complement to my game and the Blade 98S. That, combined with its crisp feel, makes it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a responsive, durable string.

About the Reviewer: Alex Meyers is a graduate of the Professional Tennis Management Program at Ferris State University in Michigan. He is also a USPTA Professional, PTR Junior, High Performance and Adult Instructor as well as a USRSA Master Racquet Technician.  He has also strung for the Italian Fed Cup Team.

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