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Looking for a Durable Shoe?
For tennis players, having the right equipment is half the battle on the court. Here at Tennis Express, we strive to get you the best gear at the best prices, so that you can really take your game to the next level. But where to begin, with all the choices and options and technology out there? Well one thing is for sure - a great game starts from the ground up. Every athlete knows the importance of a great pair of shoes.  tennis
Tennis Shoes In tennis, shoes are not only necessary, they are often as specialized for your game as your racquet, string, and grip. Some people keep the ball slow and near the baseline, and want a shoe that offers stability and support. Other people like to run up and down and across the court in every direction, and want to be as light on their feet as possible. But no matter what your style of play is, one thing every tennis player can agree on is that the court is really tough on shoe outsoles. So, we've put together a list of some of the best tennis shoes on the market with an OUTSOLE GUARANTEE so that you can play your hardest and not worry about wearing down a hole or abrasion in your shoes. 
The new Nike Lunar Ballistec shoes are prized for their durability. Both offer a 6 month outsole durability warranty from the manufacturer that ensures the life of the sole for 6 months - meaning you can enjoy the comfort, lightness, and durability of this shoe without worrying if it will hold up over long matches and heated court surfaces. This shoe, worn by the great Rafael Nadal, is nothing short of perfection for the foot of the tennis player.  nike lunar ballistec
adidas barricade 8 The adidas Barrricade 8 is famous for being a shoe that holds up to even the toughest tests. Worn by Andy Murray and Fernando Verdasco, this shoe offers high durability and a fantastic fit, meaning it will hold up and feel great every time. The warranty from adidas means that you can play your heart in these shoes and they're guaranteed to last for 6 months. 
For a shoe that's all about lightness and comfort, but still no slacker on the durability front, the K Swiss Big Shot II also offers a guarantee that you can't miss: complete replacement if they get worn down in 6 months or less. Feel free to take these shoes to every match, knowing they can certainly go the distance while still providing you a comfortable and well ventilated wear, every time.   k swiss big shot ii
prince t 22 shoe

And finally, for a great value shoe that you'll love: the number one selling tennis shoe in pro shops across the country is the Prince T22, and for good reason. This shoe is all about comfort and toughness, and will last you through many, many matches. Famously comfortable and available in a wide range of colors, this shoe is the perfect choice for players who want a breathable, easy-to-wear shoe that won't wear out on court.

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