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Lotto Men's Mirage 100 Speed Tennis Shoe Review

Shoe Technologies

  • Upper: Kurim Rubber, Anti-Abrasion Toe Cap, Heel Control
  • Midsole: Syn-Pulse,Enerturn, EVA, Puntoflex, Biomechanical Foot Control (BFC) technology, 2 Ortholite Removable Insoles
  • Outsole: LongLast 40 Anti-Abrasion Rubber Compound

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Although Lotto is a well known brand around the world, the US market hasn’t seen much of it for tennis. This Italian brand prides itself on incorporating the best technologies in research and development to ensure all athletes reach their highest performance. The Men’s Mirage 100 Speed tennis shoe is the lightest in their line and features their best technical innovations like Syn-Pulse technology, Biomechanical Foot Control, Enerturn and more. This shoe was specifically developed to answer professional players’ 3 main expectations: A lightweight shoe that has enhanced flexibility, secure stability throughout, and optimized cushioning & shock absorption. As a first time playtester of this shoe, I was very fascinated to try it out and see how it compares to some of the tops shoes on the market.


Cushioning, Stability and Responsiveness


Wow, is all I can say about this shoe’s comfort and stability! From the first moment I put these on my feet, I was thoroughly impressed by the cushioning and stability. The Syn-Pulse technology in the midsole provided me with great cushioning as I bounced all over the court running down the ball. It worked hand-in-hand with Enerturn technology to absorb shock and keep my feet from feeling the harsh impact of the ground as I ran. There are also 2 different Ortholite insoles that I can put in to keep my feet comfortable throughout play. I personally loved the slightly thicker insole for tennis because it kept shock at a very minimal level.


Responsiveness from the midsole technologies was excellent, as it allowed my feet to feel fast and agile. This made it easier to make quick direction changes when needed. Stability was also very good, which was surprising considering how much flex the shoe has. There’s a heel control (HCTL) feature in the back that helped my feet stay locked into the shoe when I was moving around. The 3-S feature, on the outer pinky toe side, helped my toes feel supported and not squished up against the sides as I moved sideline-to-sideline. One downside is that the flex in the toe box can get a little uncomfortable at times, so some players may not like the feeling and want to switch to the thinner insole for less rubbing.


Fit & Breathability


The fit is pretty standard with this shoe, and I didn’t feel like anyone would have to worry about it feeling too tight or too wide. The shoe seemed to conform to my foot essentially feeling like a glove. There are also longer shoe laces and an extra shoe lace hole so you can tie them tight without feeling a sharp pain in your foot.


Breathability wise, I was a little disappointed. Since it’s a lightweight shoe that’s built for game-time performance, I was expecting more breathability and ventilation. Although the upper construction is primarily made of mesh, the nylon rubber on the outside doesn’t allow for too much air to escape the shoe. I personally didn’t have many problems playtesting when I played 1-2 hours in cooler temperatures. But if you ever play longer matches and/or in hot temperatures, you may want to bring some extra performance wicking socks.




Another surprisingly great aspect about this shoe was it’s durability and light weight. Usually when I get a durability shoe with comfort and support, it’s super heavy (especially since I wear a size 14). Or I get a super lightweight shoe that’s comfortable and responsive, but not much durability. This one had a great combination of both, which really made it resonate with me. The outsole features LongLast 40 anti-abrasion rubber that gave me plenty of traction for planting on the ground and minimal balding on the edges of the shoe. There’s also a rubber toe cap which helps prevent my shoes from falling apart when I drag my toes. The lighter weight made this shoe feel fast and easy to sprint to the ball even if I was in a life-or-death point. Although it doesn’t have a 6-month outsole warranty, I would still recommend this to players who are tough on their shoes due to the durable outsole and lighter weight.




All in all, I can see why so many professional tennis players wear this shoe. The Mirage 100 Speed provided me with excellent cushioning, stability, and durability all in a lightweight package, which is still hard to find today. Plus you get 2 different insole thicknesses so you can really customize the cushioning to your preference. Although this is my first time playtesting the Men’s Mirage 100 Speed, this will definitely not be my last.


About the Reviewer: Chris Virk-Brown currently works at Tennis Express on the Content Marketing team. He previously played at Neumann University and coached at the collegiate level for 3 years. He is an active USTA League and Tournament player.


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