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Lotto Men's Mirage 200 Speed Tennis Shoe Review

Shoe Technologies

  • Upper: Inner Sock Construction, Hot-Melt Cage
  • Midsole: Enerturn, Foot Arch Support (FAS) technology
  • Outsole: LongLast 40 Anti-Abrasion Rubber Compound

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Lotto’s Mirage 200 Speed for Men is the lightest tennis shoe currently offered by the brand. They’re designed for mid-level and high-level players seeking greater speed and agility on the court. They feature a full inner sock construction for a form-fitting feel, and advanced midsole technologies for improved response and comfort.




The Mirage 200 Speed is one of the more comfortable lightweight tennis shoes straight out of the box. They offer a nice amount of space all around, but not so much that your foot slides around. The inner sock is softer and more flexible than others, meaning you don’t need to worry about painful pressure points as you start and stop. That said, you may get some uncomfortable rubbing around the ankle if you wear low-cut socks due to the inner sleeve’s height. The shoes are also pretty simple to get on and off thanks to the pull tabs.


Cushioning, Breathability & Response


Underfoot cushioning is immediately apparent in these shoes, particularly beneath the heel. When I moved from a ready position on the balls of my feet to a relaxed, post-point stance, I could feel my heels sink into the soft material. The inner sock’s elastic material is also very soft, which prevented uncomfortable rubbing. For a shoe with an inner sleeve, I thought the Mirage 200 Speed had good breathability. It wasn’t as ventilated as a shoe with pure mesh, but it was still admirable. In all, the advanced midsole and upper combination felt extremely light, and did an excellent job of keeping me ahead of my shots. I felt a good amount of energy return as I moved around.


Durability & Support


For a lightweight shoe, durability seemed to be about average. You get your usual reinforced areas, but the material is relatively light and flexible. If you’re a consistent toe dragger, or regularly beat up your shoes, I would recommend the Mirage 100 Speed or Mirage 300 II Speed. You also don’t get a ton of support with this model. They’re built to sit low for greater response, and don’t have as substantial of an arch as you’ll find in the Mirage 100 Speed. However, I still felt secure with my movements when I tied the shoes tighter. 3-S on the lateral side helped create additional stability when moving side to side, while Heel Control technology kept my heel and ankle secure.




The Lotto Men’s Mirage 200 Speed offers a very light, soft, and airy feel that will help keep you a step ahead of your opponent. Lotto went for a fast and somewhat flexible construction with this model that sets it apart from others in the Mirage family.



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