Lotto Women's Mirage 100 Speed Tennis Shoe Review

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  • Upper: Kurim Rubber, Anti-Abrasion Toe Cap, Heel Control
  • Midsole: Syn-Pulse,Enerturn, EVA, Puntoflex, Biomechanical Foot Control (BFC) technology, 2 Ortholite Removable Insoles
  • Outsole: LongLast 40 Anti-Abrasion Rubber Compound

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The Women’s Mirage 100 Speed is Lotto’s premium tennis shoe, and one that’s beloved by some of WTA’s highest ranking pros, including Alize Cornet and Carla Suarez Navarro. This latest iteration builds on the success of its precursor, the Raptor Ultra IV, by providing fantastic technical features along with fresh new colorways. Incredibly stable, responsive and breathable, this is an excellent shoe for mid-to-high-level players looking for a shoe that delivers great speed, lightness and agility in a comfortable, durable, and attractive package.


Cushioning, Stability and Responsiveness


Overall, this is a really comfortable shoe. There’s great cushioning around the heel which is achieved thanks to shock-absorbing Enerturn technology, as well as new Syn-Pulse technology in the medial foot area that promotes correct heel-to-foot transfer. This shoe comes with two Ortholite insole options, one firmer and one more cushioned. I went for the second option, and while it’s not exactly pillow-like, it definitely softened the impact on my joints as I was running and jumping around the court during playtesting. This shoe has exceptional stability and responsiveness to changes in speed and direction. The molded heel cup has a cool heel control feature in the back that helped lock in my feet, while the cushioned tongue really supported my heel, ankle, and top of my foot. I also appreciated that there was no unwanted movement in the toe box thanks to the narrow width. The shoes basically felt like extensions of my own feet, which made me feel fast and powerful.


Fit & Breathability


I found the Mirage 100 Speed shoe to be surprisingly breathable. The mesh-to-rubber ratio on the cage upper provided the perfect amount of ventilation to prevent any trapping of sweat. In terms of fit, the shoe was easy to put on and felt true to size. The narrowness meant that I didn’t need to tighten the laces much at all to achieve the locked-in feel that I like. That said, as soon as I walked off the court, I found the fit to be too tight. It’s definitely not the type of shoe that can work for everyday wear, so players will have to be okay with always having a second, roomier pair of shoes to throw on after play.




The Mirage 100 Speed is all about durability. The new rubber outsole features a great herringbone pattern which enhances grip and durability. During playtesting, I appreciated how easy it was to come to a sudden stop and then push off in new directions without any skidding. And even after a handful of wears, I didn’t notice any deterioration or discoloration in the outsole. Adding to the durability of the shoe is the Kurim Cage rubber upper, which I really liked. It protected against my occasional toe-dragging tendencies, and added to the shoe’s support.




This is a colorful and attractive shoe. The translucent cage construction reveals the sporty striped design beneath, and the contrasting white Lotto logo really pops. I liked how there was an additional set of laces so I could change the look of the shoe. As always, Lotto coordinates the colors of its shoes and apparel to match perfectly, so you’ll have no trouble finding a sharp-looking outfit to help you shine on match day.




I totally recommend the Lotto Mirage 100 Speed to mid-to-high-level players on the hunt for a durability durable shoe that’s light, stable, responsive and comfortable. I loved how the cushioning is customizable thanks to the two insole options, and the padding on the tongue and heel offers excellent comfort as well as stability. The outsole, with its new herringbone design, provides excellent traction and grip, making the shoe ideal for those who value responsiveness in a shoe. Overall, I think this is a fantastic shoe for anyone with a slightly narrower foot who’s looking for a comfortable, attractive and durable shoe that promises high performance.


About the Reviewer: Renee Bergere has been playing tennis recreationally for the last 25 years and currently plays at a NTRP 3.5 level. She also runs marathons and follows a high intensity training program called F45.


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