Lotto Mirage 300 II Speed Tennis Shoe Review

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  • Upper: RFC, Heel Control
  • Midsole: Enerturn, E.V.A., Foot Arch Support (FAS) technology, Puntoflex
  • Outsole: LongLast 40 Anti-Abrasion Rubber Compound, 3-Month Guarantee

Lotto Womens Mirage 300 II Speed Tennis Shoe

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Italian footwear brand Lotto has offered a fresh new take on their beloved Viper Ultra with the release of their next generation of performance shoe: the Lotto Mirage 300 II Speed. It maintains all of the technical features that mid-to-high-level players have come to love, such as stability, durability and a great grip on hard court surfaces. The most significant changes come in the overall look of the shoe, which features bold colors, a trendy ombre design, and two lace color options for extra customization. After playtesting this shoe, I really appreciated the its comfort, grip and overall look.


Cushioning, Stability and Responsiveness


This is a super comfortable shoe - I loved the soft cushioning around the heel which is achieved thanks to shock-absorbing Enerturn technology. Whether I was walking, jumping or racing after the ball, I felt a really nice spring to my step and great energy return. The molded heel cup and cushioned tongue gave me a locked-in, supported feel around my heel, ankle, and top of the foot. During playtesting, the shoes felt really stable and responsive. Even during abrupt changes in speed and direction, I never felt at risk for rolling an ankle or developing a blister. However, the roomy toe box did cause some unwanted movement, and I wish the shoe had greater arch support to add that extra sense of stability.


Fit & Breathability


The shoe was easy to put on and felt true to size. I liked the slightly wider fit in the forefoot that gave my toes some wiggle room. I was easily able to lace the shoes up for the snug fit I prefer. From a breathability standpoint, the rubber cage design on the forefoot tended to trap sweat while I was wearing them. I feel like the shoe could have benefited from a design that incorporated more mesh and less rubber on the upper.




The Mirage 300 II Speed was clearly built with durability in mind. The outsole, made with LongLast 40 anti-abrasion rubber, helps it withstand the wear and tear that comes from playing on hard court surfaces. It has a great herringbone pattern which enhances grip. During playtesting, I appreciated how easy it was to come to a sudden stop and then push off in new directions without any skidding. Lotto backs up the promise of durability with a nice 3-month outsole warranty. This is a great bonus for players seeking guaranteed wear resistance at a lower price point. Adding to the durability of the shoe is the synthetic rubber upper, which I really liked. It protected against my occasional toe-dragging tendencies, and has translucency that allows the colorful ombre design beneath to take center stage.




Major changes to the look of the previous Viper Ultra has resulted in a shoe that’s aesthetically very attractive. The translucent cage construction reveals the gorgeous ombre design beneath, and the contrasting white Lotto logo really pops. As usual, Lotto releases apparel collections that perfectly coordinate with their shoes, so finding a sharp-looking match-day look to go with this shoe is a breeze.




I really enjoyed wearing the Lotto Mirage 300 II Speed, and believe it’s a solid choice for a mid-to-high-level player looking for an affordable tennis shoe that’s durable and stable, yet also comfortable. The cushioning is soft and provides awesome energy return, and the padding on the tongue and heel offer comfort and support. The outsole, which is protected by a great 3-month warranty, offers excellent traction and grip so you can command the court. On the flip side, the cage construction really limits breathability, and the limited arch support detracts a bit from the shoe’s responsiveness. Overall, I think this is a fantastic shoe for anyone with a slightly wider foot who’s looking for a comfortable, attractive and durable shoe that can help improve their hard court game.


About the Reviewer: Renee Bergere has been playing tennis recreationally for the last 25 years and currently plays at a NTRP 3.5 level. She also runs marathons and follows a high intensity training program called F45.


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