Luxilon Big Banger

Being the most in-demand synthetic string on the professional tour, Alu Power provides a combo of power and control which seems to be unmatched by any other synthetic out there. TThis string is ideal for professional's and aspiring amateurs.
Luxilon Industries has developed a unique range of monofilament strings, having extreme, unedited characteristics:
  • Outstanding durability as well as enormous
  • Unique insensibility to moisture, warmth, and atmospheric conditions
  • Clinging together of strings that do not move once strung.


Big Banger strings provide more power and are very more durable than typical polyester strings. These strings tend to not move which in turn shows no loss of performance. With these strings, there is no noticeable tension loss and are not affected by atmospheric conditions such as moisture.

Recommended: String at least 10% LOWER TENSION for best performance
Re-engineered version of the most popular string on the Pro Tour. Fluorofibre enhanced for added comfort and control.
The most used string on the Pro Tour. A poly-ether mixed with aluminum fibers for players who want a superior combination of power and control
Ideal for players who want more bite on the ball for more spin yet maintaining all the qualities of Alu Power, but with a textured surface.
Ideal for the player looking for maximum comfort and control without sacrificing power. A truly revolutionary mix with titanium and molybdenum.
Hexagonal shape surface for added spin and the thickest Big Banger for durability.
This string is widely used on the Pro Tou with a pol-ether blend for players who seek power and durability.
Essentially, all of the qualities of Original but with a textured surface for players who seek power and spin.
Features all the benefits of Big Banger strings while avoiding the compromises that are sometimes needed to provide exceptional levels of any one characteristic / For all-around players
Rapidly becoming a favorite of Pro players looking for gut-like characteristics in a durable string. Basically, a string for players who seek feel and comfort.
For players who want excellent feel, a thin soft string for outstaning comfort, and a blend with natural resins.
For players who want the best in polyester tension maintenance, legendary power, spin and control.

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