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Luxilon TiMO String Review

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Construction: Extruded polyester monofilament

Color: Grey

Gauge: 18G (1.10mm) or 17L (1.17mm)

Length: 40'


Test Racquet / Tension
Tecnifibre TFight 315 LTD 16M @ 54 lbs


With such a dedicated following both on the pro tour and in recreational tennis, Luxilon has the freedom to consistently create variations of their popular polyester strings. For players who want a more feel oriented poly without losing out on the control and accuracy, Luxilon’s TiMO string fits the bill nicely. Luxilon blends Titanium and Molybdenum into the makeup of the string, providing unique feel and enhanced durability in thinner gauges. I took to the court recently to get a firsthand look at the combination of control, spin and feel that TiMO advertises.


Like many Luxilon polys, I would place TiMO’s power level at the lower end of the spectrum. The low powered response allowed me to take massive cuts at the ball and keep it in consistently. Spin production was average for a poly and in line for what I expect from round, smooth polys. I had no trouble creating additional margin on topspin shots but I wanted a bit more grip to help my slice bite a bit more on contact. Control was a highlight of my time with TiMO. It had excellent directional accuracy and I was able to pick aggressive targets off the ground as well as hit my spots on serve. The high level of accuracy made this a great doubles string as I felt I could place the ball anywhere and consistently get opponents out of position.


Feel / Comfort
The feel TiMO had on contact was another standout feature of using the string. The thin gauge and flex combined to give it a much higher degree of feel than most polyester strings. I felt well connected to the ball on shots, giving me confidence on volleys and touch shots that I typically wouldn’t have with other strings. It felt like it pocketed the ball well on contact, allowing me to use feel to gauge how hard I was hitting and where the ball was going when it exited the string bed. The level of comfort I experienced from TiMO was also high. It was never jarring on contact and had a clean feel even on off center shots. It did not develop any type of buzz or vibration as it wore out and players who want a poly that can maximize feel and comfort would see some serious benefits with this string.


I knew right out of the package that durability was going to be TiMO’s weak point during my play test. Luxilon’s 18g version was only 1.10mm thick which would be a 19g string in many other brands. Within about 45 minutes, the mains were significantly notched and I broke a main after approximately 3 hours of court time. Frequent string breakers should definitely skip straight to the 17g version of TiMO in order to maximize the durability they can get out of it. The playability was average for a poly. I lost a fair amount of control toward the tail end of the string’s lifespan. The low powered nature still kept the ball in but it did not play with the same level of accuracy that it had early on. I missed more spots and started leaving more balls short for my opponents to pounce on. Since the string played so comfortably, I’d consider increasing the initial tension a couple pounds to see if I could get the control to last a bit longer before the string breaks.


Luxilon has a unique variation of their popular polyester formula in TiMO. The string has a softer, unique response that is great for players with more sensitive arms and juniors looking to transition to poly. It plays with a solid level of control and has string accuracy for aggressive minded players. While it may not produce eye popping spin, there is still plenty on tap for players with solid technique on topspin shots. Any player looking for excellent control, precision and feel and can live with a more forgiving but less durable response should give Luxilon TiMO serious consideration the next time they string their racquet.


About the Reviewer: Matt Locke currently serves as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho and is an active USTA League and Tournament player.




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