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Maria Sharapova’s Combi Bag Delivers Heavy-Duty Style

From the pages of Vogue to the courts of Flushing Meadows, Maria Sharapova epitomizes feminine fashion. With her attire always at the peak of performance and style, a bulky tennis bag just wouldn’t do her justice.

So, being the fem-fashionista she is, Maria teamed up with Head to design a line of tennis bags that would embody her iconic style. And thus was born the Head Maria Sharapova Tennis Bag Collection.

Details like simple gold embroidery and trendy leather tassles give these bags their signature style. The silky sky blue lining even matches Maria’s racquet (Head Youtek IG Instinct MP).

To answer the call for both elegance and heavy-duty-ness, meet the Head Maria Sharapova Combi Tennis Bag.

Rafa Mallorca Island

It can hold 6 to 8 racquets, with thermal protection for 2, and has a large compartment for anything else. This big bag also has practical features like a detachable toiletry bag and a jewelry sac—perfect for a fashion-forward girl like Maria.

With detailing worthy of a department store, these bags are designed with fashion in mind. Maria told Head, “Fashion is a big part of my life and I always want to look good. And just like every other girl I’m so into bags.”

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