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Mizuno Women's Wave Exceed Tour 3 Tennis Shoe Review

Shoe Technologies

  • Upper: 3D-Solid
  • Midsole: Mizuno Wave®, PoWnCe, D-Flex Groove, SR-Touch
  • Outsole: Durable Rubber Outsole

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Mizuno has shown great growth in the athletic shoe market and we’ve seen some of their success in tennis already. Now the Japanese brand is bringing their tennis shoes to the US market and are looking to make great strides. The Wave Exceed Tour 3 shoe is popular on tour due to its dynamic cushioning, excellent stability and lightweight feeling. This shoe is anatomically engineered with Wave technology to protect your ankles, while D-Flex Groove and SR-Touch enable quick movements and explosive acceleration.


Comfort & Stability
Mizuno is really trying to incorporate a different style of comfort into this shoe by breaking away from the trend of thin cushioning. I felt that the thicker all around cushioning offered me a safer shoe when I was playing, but it can feel bulky and heavy. The PoWnCe midsole technology was great in providing a solid base when I moved around the court. Players will get plenty of support for protecting their ankles thanks to the Mizuno Wave technology. A fore warning though, these shoes will require a 5-6 hour break-in period since they are stiffer in the beginning.


Moving with this shoe is difficult at first and will require some adaptation to get used to. Once the shoe is broken in, you will get great responsiveness and be able to move with ease. There is plenty of grip on the bottom allowing for easy stopping and starting. Thanks to the secure ankle support you will not have to worry about rolling an ankle when you are on defense.


Breathability & Fit
These shoes surprised me with the amount of breathability because they have a lot of cushioning and protection around the forefoot. They are top notch in terms of breathability and don’t feel humid while you play. The mesh construction under the forefoot enables good ventilation even in hot or warm temperatures.


The fitting will be narrow at first, but opens up nicely after a short break-in period. Your feet will feel natural in the shoe and won’t get any heel blisters if you choose to wear no-show or low socks. Even though the upper is pretty flexible after some wear, I wouldn’t recommend this shoe to wide foot players because it may cause your feet to hurt after awhile. One thing to note, your feet will sit up a little bit higher almost like you are standing on a short platform which requires some getting used to.


These shoes are great for durability and can be used for months no matter how many times you play. The outsole and the forefoot are protected well so you can use these shoes again and again. If you tend to drag your toes or be rough on your shoes, these are a perfect fit your needs.


Overall, the Wave Exceed Tour 3 is focused on durability, comfort, stability and protection. Its high quality has great potential and offers a different variety in the market of tennis shoes. I’d recommend this shoe to players who are looking for something that can keep up with their high level on court training without having to comprise on quality or design.


About the Reviewer: Eugenie Ngo is a former Division 1 player that is currently ranked number 4 in Texas. She started playing tennis at the age of six and continues to play in USTA and ITF Tournaments all over the US.


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