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New Racquets 2018

Celebrate the clay season with the limited-edition Pure Aero Decima French Open racquet. It's an updated version of the ever-popular Pure Aero commemorating Rafael Nadal’s historic tenth French Open title! With the latest Babolat technology improvements players will get an aerodynamic frame with increased ball pocketing, feel, power, spin and stability. 




Redefine power and versatility with the sleek Wilson Ultra 100 Reverse CV. With an increase in spin, power and control, this racquet can take any player's game to a whole new level. The introduction of Countervail technology has given Wilson racquets a soft, absorbent feel that enables players to save energy over the long term.  





Play like Marin Cilic with the new Graphene Touch Prestige MP. With the addition of Graphene technology, frames in the Prestige series will get a great combination of power and maneuverability. HEAD has upgraded these frames with a larger sweet spot and more forgiving frame structure allowing for faster swings.  





Dunlop and Srixon join forces to create the new Srixon Revo CV 3.0 tennis racquet. This frame includes various improvements to greatly enhance player's power and control. Athletes will find Synchro Charge System and Sonic Core Technology in all the Srixon Revo CV racquets which boost feel, stability and energy return.      





Enhance any aggressive tennis game with the new VCore Pro 97 330G. Thanks to Yonex's new advancements in technology competitors can achieve more spin, speed and bounce with each hit. This racquet is designed to give players more devastating power and heavy drives everywhere on the court.  





Take advantage of the newest technologies from PACIFIC by switching to the BXT X Fast ProBasaltX technology is continued in this racquet enhancing stability and comfortably without being difficult to maneuver. Players will also get maximum feel and spin with every hit thanks to Full Acceleration Shaft Technology

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