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NEW BALANCE CT1004 is the Shoe of the Week

Today we had a New Balance representative come to our store today to give an overview presentation of the latest line of shoes. The newest shoe that immediately stood out was the 2010 New Balance CT 1004 tennis shoe.

This shoe features some the newest technology that provides extreme support of tennis players. It is designed to provide a stable and comfortable ride. What really stood out for me was the S-Curve feature on the bottom sole of the shoe. It is a band made of rubber and plastic that curves from the bottom of the shoe to the outer sole which provides greater stability and durability.

From our website,

Its the updated version of the CT1003 and is well ventilated throughout for maximum breathability. It has plenty out of the box comfort and a unique outsole pattern to give you plenty of traction on the hard courts.

This shoe is prefect for players who move all over the court and want a more stable shoe.

What's also great about New Balance is that all their shoes are made in the U.S.A and they are covered by New Balances' nDurance Outsole Durability Guarantee warranty.

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