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New String Profile: Alien Black Diamond

There is no denying that the co-polyester string market has seen the largest strides in recent history, beginning with the Luxilon revolution led by the charismatic Brazilian, Gustavo Kuerten. Though many have begun to adopt polyester strings for their durability, the playability characteristics tend to deteriorate quickly due to tension loss. Block co-polymer constructions have gained popularity as they are able to combine the durability with a softer feel and greater elasticity.

Alien ReelWith regards to the tension loss, many manufacturers have attempted to solve the problem, and thus far, only one solution has been reasonably successful. Employed by Babolat Revenge, Beast XP by Prince, and now Alien Black Diamond all utilize a prestretching step that will align the individual chains into a singular arrangement. Combining this alignment with a heating process, Black Diamond and Beast XP differentiate themselves thanks to an increase in stability for longer lasting playability.

So what makes Black Diamond so unique that they can attempt to break into a competitive co-polyester string market with only one product and expect to be successful? Alien expressly designed this string with the theory in mind that typical strings seek power, control, feel and durability, but enhancing one tends to weaken another trait. Using a proprietary blend of polymers, Black Diamond maximizes recoil for added power while maintaining a soft feel for comfort and control.

Alien claims that they created this string with specific playability characteristics in mind, and that Black Diamond in 1.30mm diameter is the perfect culmination of their work. They state, “We will not compromise therefore this is the only gauge we make available.”

So if you are a player that enjoys polyester but wants something with a bit of extra pop that holds tension longer than your typical string, give Alien Black Diamond a try.

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