New String Profile: WeissCANNON Explosiv!

WeissCANNON Explosiv!

Here at TE headquarters we love the opportunity to test new strings. When we got word from our buyer that we'd be carrying the full WeissCANNON string lineup we were overjoyed. Some of the staffers here have been asking to carry it for their great value and high quality strings. One of the strings we were excited to test out of the WeissCANNON lineup was their rival to Luxilon's Big Banger ALU Power-the Silverstring. The other string we're profiling today is the second string we were eager to test, the Explosiv! This multifilament string will literally blow the socks off both you and your opponents. The incredible comfort is just one of many impressive features. Users will find a feathery touch at net and an unmistakably unique feel from all areas of the court. Power on demand with excellent control. German playtesters have raved that this string outperforms all others, including natural gut. Our playtesters agreed with the German playtesters, there is absolutely no match for the performance Explosiv! Provides at all areas of the court, at the net the touch was something we've never even felt before, it was unreal! Power from the baseline and on serve were also noteworthy, players who normally use Wilson's NXT should definitely give WeissCANNON Explosiv! a try when you get your frame restrung, you'll be hooked!

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