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New String Profile: WeissCANNON Silver String

Tennis Express is happy to announce we are now carrying a full lineup of WeissCANNON Tennis Strings!

A little bit about WeissCANNON as a company: Weiss CANNON GmbH is a German-based company specializing in the development, marketing and production of high-end tennis products. Over the past 45 years the founders of WeissCANNON have developed a reputation for providing high-quality and innovative tennis products to tennis suppliers in Germany and throughout Europe. In 2007 they officially expanded into the US marketplace looking to introduce U.S. tennis players to the benefits of playing with technologically advanced string products.

With the full lineup, the TE play test team has favored the WeissCANNON Silverstring for it's amazing durability, ability to hold tension, control, surprising comfort, and the fact that it will literally turn your frame into a cannon producing gobs of power from almost anywhere on the court while still providing amazing control.

Many users claim the Silverstring is among the very best overall poly-based strings they've used on the market today. It's available at a reasonable cost and clearly outperforms higher priced competitors. The Silverstring is fresh and unique; clearly designed to be a higher-level and better performing version of the world's most popular poly-based offerings. If you are seeking superior overall performance in a poly-based, look no further than the WeissCANNON Silverstring! This string is solid in virtually all areas, with no real weaknesses.

Claim your set today and Click Here! to check out the rest of the WeissCANNON lineup!

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