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New Tour Strings from Prince

Prince Tennis Strings

By Matt Locke

Prince is poised to make a splash in the tennis market as we move towards 2014. With several all new frames as well as some revised classics on the way, Prince has not forgotten players' stringing needs. The company will be simplifying its string lineup to make it easier for players to select the model that is right for them. For players looking for a high-performance polyester string, Prince will have several different options in their Tour line. The diverse selection has an option for every player and includes Tour XP, Tour XS, Tour XC and Tour XT. Here’s a quick look at each of the Tour series offerings...

Power players that loved Prince’s Beast XP string will have a new option to dominate the court with. The new Tour XP string retains the characteristics that made Beast XP such a great string. It uses the same alloy additive from Beast, resulting in a high power string that is able to retain a great level of control and responsiveness. Its thermo-poly construction also results in excellent tension maintenance, a must have for players who want to maximize the usage of a full poly string job. Tour XP will offer players a dynamic mix of power, response and durability. Available in green, red and black, it will also come in multiple gauges, catering to both frequent string breakers who need a thicker, more durable gauge to players who want a thinner gauge for added feel and response.

prince tour xp string

Prince Tour xs string

Spin junkies rejoice – Prince has a must hit string for you! The new Tour XS was specifically designed with Prince’s new open pattern ESP racquet line in mind. While its thermo-poly construction results in great power and durability, it is the actual design of the string that is the star of the show. This string boasts a unique triangular geometry that creates massive spin potential. The triangular profile of the string will give tremendous bite to topspin players looking to drive opponents crazy with spin. Tour XS was performance tested against the top shaped poly strings on the market and demonstrated time after time that it is a leader in spin production. Players using very open pattern frames such as the ESP line will want to go for the 15L gauge for maximum durability and string life. Players will also have a 17 gauge option for a bit more feel and response. Choose orange or black and introduce your opponents to what true spin is all about.

Big hitters who need a firm, control oriented string so they can take full cuts on the ball will have a great option with Prince’s Tour XC string. It is another string Prince specially designed for use in their ESP racquet line. This string is the most control oriented poly in the Tour line while still supplying a good balance of power and spin. The highlight of Tour XC is its high molecular weight outer coating. This special coating results in a slick, low friction surface. A low level of friction allows players to maximize their control of power and spin. It creates a responsive string capable of controlling even the biggest of strokes. Players will have a choice of multiple gauges, from the ESP approved 15 and 15L versions for maximum durability to the thinner 16L and 17L options designed for players seeking the most feel and response from this control oriented string.

Prince tour XC string

Prince Tour XT String

Let’s admit it, many players who use polyester wish for a bit more touch and feel out of their strings. Prince is happy to help those players by introducing Tour XT to the market. This string has Prince’s renowned thermo-poly construction for solid durability and tension maintenance. What makes this string unique is the secret additive Prince puts in during the manufacturing process. A highly elastic additive yields a string with much more give than standard poly. This process results in Tour XT have an extraordinary level of touch and feel for a polyester construction string. Prince takes feel and touch one step further by offering it in a super thin 18G. The thin gauge maximizes feedback and response on ball contact. Players looking for a string with the power and durability benefits of polyester while giving an unparalleled level of touch and responsiveness will love Tour XT.

The Tour series polyester strings from Prince are just one line in a complete string range that covers all types of playing styles and needs. Players who are looking for the next evolution in polyester design will have no shortage of options in Prince’s new line. Pick your style: power, spin, control and touch. Prince will have an option for you. Their new string offerings coupled with a renewed commitment to innovative product design have Prince set to be a major player in the tennis market for years to come.

Prince Tennis Strings

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