Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit Tennis Shoe Review

Shoe Technologies

  • Upper: Circular Knit, Dynamic Fit, Internal Sleeve
  • Midsole: Zoom Air Unit
  • Outsole: XDR Outsole, Foot Frame

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The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit Tennis Shoe takes breathable performance to the next level. Underneath, you get all the same great technologies from traditional Vapor Xs, such as a Zoom Air unit and XDR outsole, paired with an innovative, redesigned upper. This new upper enhances support by introducing Circular-Knit material and an internal sleeve similar to that used in the Zoom Zero. You’ll see several Nike players like Denis Shapovalov rocking these on tour, but as an avid Nike fan I was excited to get these out on the court.




The fit of the Vapor X Knit was very similar to the original Vapor X. For me, they ran a little bit narrow, particularly in the toe box, and had an average arch height. A key difference was how the upper of the shoe shaped to my foot. Normal Vapor Xs have a more pronounced dynamic-fit system (the “fingers” used in the lacing system). With the Knit, the internal sleeve takes over much of the upper support, hugging my foot during dynamic movements. I personally loved this feeling! The sleeve and outer mesh made for a very comfortable, breathable combination.


Cushioning & Breathability


To keep things simple, if you like the cushioning of the standard Vapor X, you’ll love the cushioning of the Vapor X Knit. Biggest difference comes with the internal sleeve. It fits more snuggly to your foot, but remains soft and relatively distraction-free. If you prefer a traditional tongue, then I would stick with a standard Vapor X. In terms of breathability, I would score the Knits pretty highly. They’re not as breathable as traditional Vapor Xs, but still offer good ventilation.


Durability & Support


Given that the Vapor X Knits are meant to be lightweight and responsive, they are not exceedingly durable. However, they’re reinforced in key areas, and offer a good level of protection if you’re not wearing them multiple hours every day. I thought the overall support was superior to that of standard Vapor Xs. The Knits still utilize a full-length foot frame for lateral stability, while the internal sleeve and circular-knit material in the upper flexed with my foot as I moved across the court.




If you like the lightweight, speedy feel of traditional Vapor Xs, but prefer a little bit more support in your tennis shoes, the Vapor X Knit is a great option. You get the dynamic underfoot technologies used in normal Vapor Xs paired with a more supportive and adaptive upper construction.


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