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Nike Apparel Technologies



Nike has set a high standard when it comes to tennis clothing and it’s no surprise that many players around the world enjoy wearing their attire. Ever since the beginning, Nike continues to seek new innovative ways to develop superior tennis apparel that involves creative designs to make you standout and help you perform your best. They continue to be the largest manufacturer around the world and sponsor many of the top pro players like Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Sloane Stephens, and Nick Kygrios. Below you will find ground breaking performance technologies that have revolutionized the tennis apparel industry.


Here are the technologies that we have for Nike:

AeroReact, Clima-Fit, Dri-Fit, Pro, Sphere, Storm-Fit, Therma-Fit, and Zonal Cooling.





This top-of-the-line fabric technology is utilized in Rafael Nadal's signature apparel so it can provide him with adaptive breathability. This technology dates back to September 2015 when Nike first introduced the technology in their running apparel. AeroReact was established to ease the thermoregulation process for the body whenever you workout. Apparel with this updated technology uniquely adapts to the change in your body temperature to allow for maximum breathability.


Nike AeroReact Technology Gif





Nike Clima-Fit has a high-performance water and wind-resistant outerwear with great breathability. This revolutionary material has been constructed to keep rain and wind out along with allowing rapid evaporation. Players are now able to shield and protect themselves from natures elements while remaining comfortable and secure. Clima-FIT turns the weather into merely an excuse, not a factor.


Nike ClimaFit Technology





Nike Dri-FIT is a high-performance, microfiber, polyester fabric that moves sweat away from the body and to the fabric surface, where it evaporates. As a result, Dri-FIT keeps athletes dry and comfortable. Dri-FIT technology is used in a variety of Nike products, including shirts, socks, pants, shorts, sweatshirts, sleeves, hats, gloves and more.


Nike DriFit Technology





Nike Pro Technology


Nike Pro apparel features durable and comfortable four-way stretch Dri-FIT fabric to move moisture away from your skin, helping you stay dry, cool and moving freely. This technology is engineered to help you conquer every workout in every condition and can be found on most base layer apparel like compression pants, compression shorts, and fitted tops.





Two years in the making, Nike’s most innovative training jacket beats the elements with lightweight warmth and supreme mobility. Articulated design and seams create a tailored fit and allow natural movement without any distractions. Nike Sphere raised-node technology within the back of the fabric traps warm air close to the body in the same way a wetsuit holds water. The key technology is a thin spacer thermal design within the internal Nike Sphere fabric, providing breathability and lightweight insulation. While the Nike Sphere raised nodes trap in heat, the spacer thermal design allows your body heat to escape to help prevent overheating. Below you will find different ways Nike used Sphere technology to their advantage.


nike sphere


Sphere Pro


The technology evolution of Sphere is combined with Nike's Pro apparel to provide a high-performance, water-resistant breathable outerwear with added benefits. Construction of the face material provides Clima-Fit levels of water and wind resistance and breathability. Construction of the back material adds extra Nike Sphere benefits such as cling reduction, sweat management and/or warmth.


nike sphere pro


Sphere Cool


Sphere Cool provides better cooling than ever before. The material's three-dimensional, open mesh structure holds the product off the body to maximize cooling. The structure creates more space for air to circulate over sweat on the skin, and the open mesh allows more airflow into that space to maximize evaporative cooling.


Nike Sphere Cool


Sphere Dry


Sphere Dry has superior sweat management technology with reduced cling. Provided by the 3-dimensional structure of the fabric, the fabric's outer layer holds the material off the skin to reduce cling even when wet with sweat.


nike sphere dry


Sphere React Cool


As you sweat, Nike Sphere React Cool actually opens and loosens its fibers, increasing airflow across your skin to keep you cooler. It manages the sweat by driving it to the surface of the garment for rapid evaporation. The open fiberbed enables a surplus of air to circulate over sweat on the skin.


nike sphere react cool


Sphere React Dry & React Pro


Nike Sphere React Dry creates a three-dimensional structure to reduce cling while driving sweat to the garment's surface for rapid evaporation. The material's structure is flat when dry and expands to become three-dimensional when contacted with sweat. This material provides maximum insulation from the harsh cold and wind with minimal weight.


Nike Sphere React Pro utilizes high-performance waterproof and breathable outerwear materials to meet the needs of different athletes. All pieces of apparel with this technology are lightweight and provide protection from nature's elements. As the wearer perspires more, the piece of clothing becomes more breathable and open structured to improve comfort and reduce cling. Athletes will be more comfortable whenever they sweat so they will be able to concentrate more on their game and less on distractions.


nike sphere react dry


Sphere Thermal


Sphere Thermal gives you warmth without bulk or added weight. The material's three-dimensional structure increases space between body and garment to trap more air, which results in warmth and wind resistance with reduced bulk.





Nike Storm-Fit technology keeps you totally dry and incredibly comfortable from the inside out. Ultradine microfiber polyester combines with a highly breathable laminate to provide total protection from water and wind. It's an exclusive waterproof fabric designed for the serious athlete in wet, cold and windy conditions. Let Mother Nature dish her harshest conditions and you'll be prepared.


nike storm fit





Thermal comfort through lightweight warmth and wind resistance. Nike Therma-Fit materials are engineered to keep the body warm especially in cold conditions. The tiny spaces between fibers trap air within the material while blocking wind from the outside to provide the utmost comfort for your tennis match.





Zonal Cooling


Nike Zonal Cooling technology is designed to enhance breathability and ventilation so you can stay cool and dry every step of the way. It incorporates the use of targeted ventilation to enhance cooling where you need it the most.


Nike Zonal Cooling Technology


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