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Nike is a brand with a long history of providing tennis shoes for tennis greats. ATP pros like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have trusted the brand for years, just as Serena Williams has in the WTA. Nike's innovative technologies and quality craftsmanship make the brand a great option for tennis players of any skill level.


Current Nike tennis shoe technologies include:

Dynamic Fit, Flyknit, Flywire, Free, LunarLite, XDR, and Zoom.



Dynamic Fit


Nike's Dynamic Fit consists of soft "fingers" that form to your midfoot and arch from the bottom of the shoe. This creates a more secure fit because the shoe adapts to the shape of your foot when you tighten the laces. Overall, this minimizes slippage, increases support, and enhances maneuverability.


Nike Dynamic Fit





Nike's FlyKnit technology utilizes polyester yarn in a precise knit construction process. The primary benefits of this feature include:


  • Lightweight properties
  • Formfitting design
  • Virtually seamless upper


In areas of the shoe that require additional flexibility, Nike has opened up the knit pattern for ease of movement. Similarly, FlyKnit implements a tighter pattern where additional support is needed. The result is a lightweight upper that better forms to your foot, and enhances comfort through the elimination of unnecessary seams.


Nike Flyknit





Nike's FlyWire is made up of strategically placed filaments that function almost like cables to provide greater support in targeted areas of the shoe. Because of the additional support of FlyWire, shoes that implement this technology can use a minimalistic upper to greatly reduce weight.


Nike Flywire





Nike's Free technology is designed to provide you with all of the benefits of barefoot training, but with durable outsoles to protect the bottoms of your feet. This means that your feet will be able to move naturally as you run, jump, change directions, etc. This can strengthen the often neglected muscles in your feet, and lead to performance advantages over time. As for the Nike Free rating system, 0 represents barefoot training, while 10 represents performing in traditional footwear.


Nike Free





Nike's LunarLite foam is 30% lighter than standard Phylon, and provides enhanced bounce back with each step. Incorporated between Phylon or Phylite materials, LunarLite decreases the overall weight of the shoe, and results in greater cushioning for reduced pressure points.

Nike LunarLite Side View





Nike's XDR rubber compound (Extra Durable Rubber) has been engineered to provide exceptional durability and traction on a variety of surfaces. As can be seen below in a herringbone pattern, this material has been optimized for tennis players.


Nike XDR





Nike's Zoom shoes are a part of the widely popular Nike Air family. This system incorporates tightly stretched fibers into the pressurized air compartment. Similar to a spring, these fibers will compress under impact, and then rapidly bounce back upward into shape once the pressure is released. Similar to Nike Air shoes, you can expect the following benefits from Nike Zoom shoes:


  • Lightweight cushioning due to the use of pressurized air
  • A durable and versatile support system designed to be long-lasting


The primary difference with Nike Zoom is that you will feel closer to the ground for greater stability.


Nike Zoom


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