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Nike Vision: Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Nike Sunglasses

When you’re on the court, accurate visual information is imperative—you keep your eye on the ball, watch the white lines, and make split-second judgments about speed and depth.

Only Nike Sunglasses are designed with Nike’s patented Max Optics technology.

Designed specifically for athletes, Nike Max Optics delivers precise visual information at all angles without distortion. This is achieved by positioning the lens to be cut out where the line of sight aligns with the optical sweet spot on the lens blank, whereas most lenses are simply cut out from the middle of the lens blank. This increases the field of view by providing zero distortion straight ahead, and minimizing distortion across the complete curve of the lens.

Nike Sunglasses equipped with the Interchange Lens System, like the Victory Sunglasses, feature lenses that can be easily removed, switched, and popped back into place. Interchangeable lenses allow the sunglasses to adapt to changing light conditions so you get precision optics with the same pair of sunglasses whether it’s noon or dusk.

Nike Tennis Sunglasses, like the Impel Sunglasses or Impel Swift Sunglasses, are designed to stay comfortably in place during movement on the court. While minimizing visual interference, they also provide a ventilated nose bridge to reduce fogging, cam-action spring hinges that snap firmly into place (this also ensures that interchangeable lenses are locked in place), and secure wrap temple arms with textured rubber grip.

Put on a pair of Nike Sunglasses and you’ll get guaranteed performance. But how do they look? Nike Sunglasses are designed with all the sleek, modern style you’d expect from the brand and they’re available in a variety of colors. There are plenty of options for style-conscious women as well, like the Nike Miller Sunglasses in Voltage Cherry or the Nike Racer Sunglasses in Bright Violet.

And of course, Nike Sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Enhance your vision, maximize your performance, and protect your eyesthey’re the most important part of your game. Shop our large selection of Nike Sunglasses today at Tennis Express!

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