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Nike Women’s Zoom Vapor 9 Tour Tennis Shoe

Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour for Women

Finally, the shoe that graces Roger Federer’s foot is being made to fit the feet of women. The Nike Women’s Zoom Vapor 9 Tour Tennis Shoe is now being made in women’s sizes, and is finding traction – no pun intended - with stars like Maria Sharapova. This new shoe boasts Nike’s top of the line technology, the latest in lightweight fabrics, and a design that was specifically engineered for the tennis player’s distinct and varied needs.

In the upper of the shoe, mesh vents give the foot the ventilation and flexibility of a running shoe. Mesh offers breathability and little weight –but often, it sacrifices durability and support. That’s where Nike’s Dynamic Fit technology comes in. The soft but sturdy material lines the inside for comfort and stability. The Dynamic Fit Foot Frame adapts to the wearer’s foot with glove-like fingers, wrapping it from the bottom of the arch to the over the top of the midfoot, going all the way back to the heel. Pull the laces, and you’re locked in, with a small overlay on the outside of the shoe to give you just the right amount of that secured-down feeling and an exterior plastic shank to give you interior arch support and improved stability. The shoe goes on easy, stays secure, but still lets your foot breathe.
Roger Federer
Maria Sharapova

And, those overlays serve another purpose – by placing them in high-wear areas like the heel and forefoot, the design retains maximum durability, giving the shoe a longer lifespan. So slide away – overlays and Nike’s XDR (Extra Durable Rubber) technology will ensure that you get great protection and great traction for the life of the shoe.

And, then, there’s the sole of the matter. While the outsole offers a herringbone pattern for traction, flex grooves for flexibility and a smooth, efficient stride, it’s the midsole that really makes this shoe special. Because, hidden inside that midsole heel is a Nike Zoom Unit (image right), which offers the most lightweight and highest quality cushioning available in athletic shoes. This tiny device is incredibly thin and durable, which keeps the foot close to the ground for optimal cutting and quick lateral movements. But it also provides ample cushion through the tightly stretched fibers inside the pressurized air unit. These babies quickly bounce back into shape after impact, giving your shoe a super-response time and giving you improved awareness of the surface. The Zoom protects and cushions while keeping your feet and ankles stable and supported.

The Nike Zoom

Nike VP of Creative Design Tinker Hatfield sketches out the Zoom Vapor 9 Tour

Check out this video of Roger Federer and Tinker Hatfield, Nike’s VP of Creative Design, discussing just how much effort went into the design of this shoe. It truly is redefining the way court shoes are made – now, for both men and women. Get yours today.

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