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Nike Womens Air Max Cage Shoe Review

Nike Air Max Cage Shoe Review


Shoe Weights

Shoe Size Shoe Weight
5.5 10.0 oz / 284 gr
6 10.1 oz / 286 gr
6.5 10.5 oz / 300 gr
7 10.7 oz / 304 gr
7.5 11.0 oz / 313 gr
8 11.8 oz / 335 gr
8.5 12.0 oz / 341 gr
9 12.1 oz / 344 gr
9.5 12.6 oz / 358 gr
10 13.2 oz / 374 gr
10.5 13.3 oz / 378 gr
11 13.6 oz / 385 gr
11.5 14.1 oz / 400 gr
12 14.5 oz / 413 gr                                  

What first struck me about the Nike Air Max Cage was how understated the style was in comparison to the other top 3 tennis shoes from Nike (Zoom Vapor 9.5 and Lunar Ballistec). I thought the downplayed design gave the Cage a very modern edge with clean lines but interesting textures and just enough contrasting color to keep the shoes from being staid. I was intrigued by the upper with the Drag-On Cage that seemed to offer the best of both worlds: Mesh for ventilation and enough solid structure to maintain the shoe’s form. So the look was an immediate hit with me, but how would they perform? Here’s my take:

I played in these for 2 weeks before writing a review because I really wanted to test the durability. Even though I’m extremely hard on shoes I’m pleased to say that I’ve been unable to wear these shoes down. That goes for the TPU upper staying intact as well. I thought the design may be prone to ripping but that was not the case. As far as the performance, the Air Max cushioning gave me just as much protection on strike as on lift-off, making for an overall comfortable stride. And true to Nike’s claim, the phylon midsole did not hold moisture or become odoriferous. The only negative I could find about this shoe (and trust me, I was looking!) is that it’s not as flexible as the Lunar Ballistec or Zoom Vapor 9.5

The Air Max Cage has superior ventilation and breathability. I was highly impressed with how well the TPU layer added strength to the shoe while the design was still minimal enough to expose the mesh underlayer for air flow throughout pretty much the entire shoe, save for the synthetic leather heel.

This shoe fit true to size and had a wider toe box than I would normally expect from Nike, which is a huge plus in my book. The insole felt spongy with plenty of spring action so I couldn’t wait to try the shoes out on the court! (Though the insole is removable if you want to swap it out and/or have your own orthotic to use in its place.) I loved the extra padding on the tongue, heel, and collar which offered a secure, stable fit while still being ultra comfortable. It was a little heavier than what I normally play in (about 12 ounces for my 8.5 size), but not so much that I felt like I was going to be weighed down.

All in all I highly recommend the Nike Air Max Cage. There’s a reason why Nike’s Air Max technology has endured for two decades now and I’m happy that they’ve incorporated it into their line of tennis footwear. The Cage is comfortable, breathable, and highly durable even for an advanced player who’s tough on her tennies. Bonus: it’s a lower price point than the Zoom Vapor 9.5 or Lunar Ballistec. What more do you need to know?

By: Tiffany Thor

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