Nike Women's Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 Tennis Shoe Review

Shoe Technologies

  • Upper: Partial Sleeve Construction, Durable Kurim®
  • Midsole: Zoom Air Unit
  • Outsole: Generative Outsole, Modified Herringbone Pattern

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The new Cage 4 picks up the “Vapor” moniker to denote a concerted effort by Nike to make this model faster and more dynamic than any previous Cage tennis shoe. Billed as the most durable Vapor to date, the Cage 4 offers a superb blend of durability, stability, and response. Nike adjusted the length and width of this model to help fit a greater variety of foot shapes. Lastly, as indicated by the name, Zoom Air returns for excellent response. Intrigued by this completely different design, I was excited to take the Women's Vapor Cage 4 out on court.




The Vapor Cage 4 offers more space, particularly in the toe box, than the slimmer-than-average Cage 3. It runs a little bit longer, and slightly wider. I enjoyed this more generous fit, as it was still stable on the court. At first, the shoe seemed to be a little bit stiff, but the underfoot cushioning was immediately apparent. They became more comfortable overall as they broke in. The outsole is also relatively wide, which translates to better stability and balance.


Cushioning & Breathability


Overall, the Vapor Cage 4 is a very comfortable shoe after breaking it in. The comfortable Zoom Air technology helped me explode through the push-off phase when running down the ball, moving forward for drop shots, or falling back for lobs. The breathability of this model is also improved over the Cage 3. I felt like my feet could breathe while still feeling secure throughout the shoe.


Durability & Support


Durability is exceptional in the Vapor Cage 4. The outsole comes with a 6-month durability guarantee, and the upper offers durable Kurim® material that protects the shoe when serving and dragging your feet. I also really enjoyed the stability and support I got out of this shoe. You can slide and move side to side while feeling confident in your movements. These shoes maintained foot and ankle security well thanks to the elasticity of the material.




The Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 offers excellent durability and support, as well as a strong level of response. While they may feel stiff at first, they quickly loosen up to reveal they are exceptionally comfortable. These shoes will not disappoint you.



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