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Novak Djokovic Imitates Maria Sharapova Again

With the US Open just a few days a way, it seems that HEAD and staff members are finding ways to amuse themselves. Despite supposedly playing with a sore shoulder that caused him to retire in Cincinnati, Djokovic did not seem to have any trouble pretending to be Maria, a player known for a history of shoulder issues. So apparently the Nole antics continue, but instead of just making a parody of Maria's video, they decided to team up for a video. Of course I'm sure this was largely orchestrated by HEAD, but I honestly have to wonder, how long until people will have had enough of Novak's childish antics.

It's rather interesting, many students in school misbehave because they want attention, and even negative attention is better than being ignored. I'm starting to believe that Novak behaves similarly to these children, doing anything and everything he can just to stay in the news, or in this case, on HEAD's YouTube playlist. So first let's check out the first video:

So when I first saw this, I wondered what Maria was going to have to say about this. Well, it turns out that from the look of it, Maria was in on it the whole time, and the second video released just recently she actually get a bit of revenge.

So based on Novak's history of rather insensitive and ridiculous jokes, I am honestly getting tired of it. It may have been funny to some the first time, but it is beginning to approach the point where I see Djokovic as that two-year-old child crying in the restaurant so that people will pay attention to him hoping that his parents will cave and get him some ice cream.

My vote for the next HEAD video? Maria Sharapova as Novak Djokovic preparing to serve, bouncing the ball 200 times.

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