Pacific Raptor - Winner of German Tennis Journal Award

Pacific Raptor

The Pacific Raptor has won a prestigious award from the highly regarded German Tennis Journal! From Pacific's PR- “To develop extreme performance tournament racquets & ultra comfortable racquets, is easier for manufactures then developing those racquets that fall ‘in-between’ – commonly called; “Sportive” or “All-rounder” (“Tweener” or “Hybrid” in the USA) and are focused at the largest consumer playing base. This ‘target-group’ is difficult to define due to the diversity of their styles. We took on this ‘Mission Impossible’ with testing 12-new models“. Not too much power, and not lacking too much comfort – predictable control, but not too demanding. Thus the attempt to develop the perfect ‘All-round’ racquet is comparable to seeking the Philosophers’ Stone! Nevertheless a trend has evolved regarding the basic technical parameters: head-size in the 100-105 in^2, 23-26-mm beam, and 290-300 grams strung, (10.2-10.6 Ounces) seem to be the Standards sought by these players. Found in the middle of these parameters, is the Winner of our Test – the PACIFIC Raptor. This is the first time that a “New Brand” takes our 1st Place Prize! As we all know, PACIFIC racquets have emerged from the former Fischer racquets, and the Raptor is the updated predecessor of the past “M Rally”, and it was also a past Test Winner. There are numerous improvements besides a new name, and new design. One of the most significant improvements is the new “Air Damp” system that is located just above the grip & adds perfect comfort, and perfect feedback.” Congratulations to Pacific on winning this Prestigious award! Get your Raptor here today!

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