Philip Kohlschreiber to be newest frontman for Wilson Apparel and Footwear

Wilson Racquet Sports has added another player to their racket family. Yesterday the company signed player Philipp Kohlschreiber as, what they’re calling, a “head-to-toe” player. Kohlschreiber’s campaign will make its debut in their 2011 apparel & footwear line starting in January. During his time as spokesman, Kohlschreiber will wear the newest collections throughout the season and will debut all of the latest footwear styles. In addition to this, he will work closely with the apparel and Footwear Team at Wilson and give input into the creation and development of new products, placing an even greater emphasis on the needs of players.

Starting out in tennis at the age of four, Kohlschreiber made his professional tennis debut in 2001, Kohlschreiber has been a dominant force on the ATP Tour. In the last 9 years, he has earned 8 singles and doubles titles and is currently ranked no. 32 on the ATP Tour. Most recently, Kohlschreiber can be spotted with a Wilson BLX Six.One 95 16x18 racquet when out on the court. In a statement, Claire Ortiz, Global Business Director for Footwear & Apparel said “We are looking forward to working closely with him [Kohlschreiber] on our product initiatives as we work toward creating the highest level of core and elite performance footwear and apparel product.” Kohlschreiber will be joining the ranks of Roger Federer, Taylor Dent, and Mardy Fish, all of which use Wilson products. In the past, famous players like Jack Kramer, Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, and Steffi Graf were Wilson brand racquet-using players. Most notably, legendary player Pete Sampras used a Wilson K Pro Staff 88 tennis racquet to win 14 Grand Slams.

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