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Prince O3 Speedport


You can't teach speed. But you can engineer it.
Prince introduces O3 Speedport Racquets, the next level of tennis racquet innovations, built on the Prince Sports award-winning O3 Technology platform. The patented O-Port holes are now larger and squared off, so now the O3 Speedport racquets have revolutionized the one dimension of the game that potentially has the most impact on how players perform on the courts: SPEED.
These racquets have been designed to give every advantage to competitive players. O3 Speedport racquets have a 24 percent faster swing speed than traditional frames— the increase in aerodynamical performance allows them to slice through the air with ease. This in turn leads to increased racquet head speed throughout the entire swing pattern, which consistently produces sharper, cleaner shots resulting in more powerful serves, more penetrating ground strokes and crisper volleys.
Through wind tunnel testings, Prince has proven that O3 Racquets move through the air up to 24% faster than traditional racquets. So you can hit your best shots. More often. Even Faster.
78 Sweet Spot
The revitalized O-Ports strengthen and stabilize the frame for up to a 59% bigger sweet spot, creating more of a sweet zone.
8 Comfort
Players can now customize their frame by adjusting the Variable Damping System for various levels of ball feedback and string damping.
9 Durability
With a thermoplastic bumper integrated into the frame, abrasion resistance is increased and shock is significantly reduced.
7 O3 Speedport Black and O3 Speedport Tour
The O3 Speedport series is even better with the introduction of the O3 Speedport Black and O3 Speedport Tour. Two great player frames with Extra Racquet Speed. And you can even customize the feel of these racquets with the Speedport Tuning System (STS) - an exclusive Prince innovation. Every O3 Speedport Black and O3 Speedport Tour comes with two sets of inserts, giving advanced tuning flexibility and allowing players to match the sound and feel of the racquet to their playing style and preference. Choose the String Port Insert for a softer feel with improved string damping. For a firmer feel with increased string feedback, choose the String Hole Insert. No wonder more and more pros are switching to Prince.


How O3 Speedport Racquets Can Change Your Game
"The Speedports on the new O3 racquet enable the player to generate much more racquet head speed throughout the entire swing pattern."
-Nick Bollettieri
Coach of 9 number 1 touring pros

"You can get you racquet through the ball quicker and attack more often, with more power, spin and precision."
-Simon Paek
Director of Tennis, Seacliff Country Club

"I immediately felt the difference with the new O3 Speedport frame, hitting more penetrating groundies and more powerful serves with more spin."
-Rodney Harmon
Director of Men's Tennis, USTA


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