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Prince Tennis has proven itself to be an industry leader in the innovation and manufacturing of performance racquet sports products. The company is committed to continually delivering top-quality tennis products in all categories, outfitting players with the very best in racquets, footwear, apparel, strings, balls, accessories, and more. The organization has leveraged its international exposure by sponsoring some of the sport's most elite athletes like the Bryan Brothers!

Prince tennis racquets have a history of being the frontrunner in specialized technologies. The first oversized racquet was developed by the company in addition to the first long body racquet. The TeXtreme racquets are the company’s newest lines with something for all types of players including power, tweener, and control-focused racquets. Prince wanted to utilize a material designed to be thinner, lighter and more durable than traditional woven fibers, of which TeXtreme was the best choice. The new collection features the addition of TeXtreme Spread Tow fabrics which are created with a thinner structure and straighter carbon fibers to create a composite material that is 20% lighter in weight with improved stiffness. Applying this material in the shaft and lower hoop with a 45° orientation, racquet twisting is reduced by 25% without increased weight. The new Prince TeXtreme collection includes four different frames; Tour 95, Tour 100T, Warrior 107, and Warrior 107T. Now, we have an additional four frames; 100P, 100L, Warrior 107L Pink, and Warrior 107 Limited Edition. Make sure you get yours today at Tennis Express!

Prince Tennis is making huge strides in its shoe division with superior footwear for Men and Women. The company first started offering footwear in the late 1980’s and has grown to be one of the leaders in the tennis shoe category. The same dedication to innovation that is placed in this organization’s racquet line carries over into their shoes. Prince was the first to introduce “natural foot shape” or NFS technology which molds to the natural contour of your foot resulting in a higher degree of comfort and fit. You can’t talk about the company’s footwear line without mentioning Prince T Series Shoes. All of the T Series tennis shoes have technologies specifically designed for improving your game including the wYshbone TPU shank, which improves all-around stability. It’s also worth noting that the Prince T-22’s are the best-selling shoes in tennis shops around the country. Count on Prince to continue to improve their footwear technology in the years to come.

Prince also offers an extensive array of string and bags to get you fully geared up for the game. With availability in more than 100 countries and operations on three continents Prince Tennis has a worldwide presence. Gaining notoriety in the tennis industry is no easy feat as the industry is just as competitive as the game itself. This organization has proven itself by attracting star players, developing outstanding products, and being dedicated to improving the sport.

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