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Prince Tennis Racquets


Prince Manufacturing was born in a Princeton, N.J garage when Bob McClure invented Little Prince, the first tennis ball machine for the home court. But it wasn’t until six years later when Howard Head was struggling with his lack of control on the court that Prince became a leading manufacturer of tennis racquets. Head channeled his frustration into the design of the Prince Classic, the first patented Prince oversized tennis racquet.

The Prince Classic measured in at 110 inches and quickly became a favorite of the top players of the time.

Prince racquets continues that tradition of excellence in engineering today, and players like Nikolay Davydenko, James Blake and Maria Sharapova are devotees of the brand and its racquets.

Davydenko uses the 03 Tour, from the Prince 03 Tour series, well known for its excellent mobility, control and power. Available in three head sizes, there is a 03 Tour racquet for almost every player. This tennis racquet uses the Prince O-Port technology, and is more control-oriented.

The patented Prince O-Port technology takes the traditional pin-sized string holes on a racquet and replaces them with large “O-Ports,” giving the 03 Tour series racquets a livelier response across the stringbed.

Favored by Jelena Jankovic as well, the 03 Tour tennis racquet allows a player to serve more accurately, engage in more controlled volleys and hit their best shots with greater frequency due to more penetrating ground strokes. O-Ports also reduce aerodynamic drag, creating a quicker and more maneuverable frame. Thus, the player has a faster swing and a more aggressive style of play. It expands the so-called sweet spot to a “Sweet Zone.”

This unique and proprietary engineering is also reflected in the Prince racquets look, which is sleek and streamlined. Well-known for its comfort and expanded sweet spot, the 03 White is Maria Sharapova’s racquet of choice when she is on the tour circuit. Sharapova switched to the 03 White in January 2006 and continues to use it now.

One of the best-selling racquets on the market today, the 03 White has a mid-plus, mid-wide frame and is suitable for players of all skill levels. Known for its speed, it also has a high level of stability, allowing for more control on the court and is ideal for a moderate to fast-and-long swing style.

For those with a shorter, more compact stroke, the Prince Shark DB, from the Prince Shark Racquet Series, may be the better choice. This racquet – used by David Ferer – is the first-ever power Double Bridge racquet by Prince. The Prince Double Bridge technology was first introduced in 1988, and it not only reduces vibration in both the frames and the strings, but also enlarges the sweet spot in all directions.

Because large tennis racquets generally have a high-level of vibration, Double Bridge technology is a must for any player looking for a racquet with both power and comfort.

The Shark DB is loaded with cutting-edge technology and also boasts Prince’s Triple Threat weighting system. This exclusive engineering system expands and maximizes the racquets frame power, balance and stability. The Prince DB Shark is offered in an oversize and mid-plus head size and is ideal for the discerning player of any skill level.

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